Hamas Kids’ TV Rabbit: We Will Kill the Danes

(IsraelNN.com) A Hamas-run children’s TV program aired recently encouraging hatred of Denmark, the West and Israel. The show’s star, a rabbit named Assud, threatens to “bite and eat” the Danish if they republish cartoons of Islam’s founder, Mohammed.

“If they repeat it we will kill them,” Assud explains to the young viewers. “I will bite them and eat them!”

The program focuses on the call to boycott Danish and Israeli products. “Denmark and the West are targeted because of the Mohammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper,” Palestinian Media Watch Director Itamar Marcus points out in a recent dispatch. “Israel is targeted because it exists.”

Saraa, the young TV hostess of the program, describes the publication of the Muhammad cartoons as “the West’s attack against [Mohammed].” The program then features children phoning into the program to condemn the “cowardly infidels” and vow to fight them.

“The children’s show, Tomorrow’s Pioneers, has used its previous animal character co-hosts, the Mickey Mouse lookalike Farfur and the bee Nahul, to champion violence, promote hatred of Israel and preach about world Islamic supremacy,” Marcus said. “To further reinforce its anti-Israel message, Hamas has killed off both characters and blamed Israel.” Continue reading

Acid Attack On Two Turkish Girls For Wearing Short Skirts

A high school senior and an elementary school student were attacked in the Mediterranean town of Mersin with strong acid spray. In two separate incidents within the same hour both girls were approached from behind by a group of young men who commented on the length of their skirts and told them it was too short. The girls were sprayed with acidic substance that burnt and melted their stockings and caused deep lacerations on the back of their legs. The girls were treated in the hospital. The police is searching for the culprits that are believed to be the same ones, in both incidents.


According to media reports, uncovered women in Mersin, who wear shorter length skirts, are in fear of similar attacks.

Source: Hurriyet, Milliyet, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, TDN, Turkey, February 14, 2008


Saudi tutor gets lashes for meeting student (and prison)

A married university professor has been sentenced to 180 lashes and eight months in prison for having coffee with a female student.

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Iran: Four months in jail and 30 lashes for walking dog in streets

Tehran, 19 Feb.(AKI) – A 70-year-old man has been sentenced by an Iranian judge to four months in jail and 30 lashes for going out on the street with his dog.

The incident took place in Shahr Rey, a suburb of Tehran when the owner of the dog was caught by a police who quickly handcuffed the man. He was later charged by an Islamic judge for “disturbing the public order”.
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How to be a (CAIR) Muslim

How to be a (CAIR) Muslim

(The Council on American-Islamic Relations)

There are some Muslims who do interpret Islam differently from how we see the Wahabbi-funded lobbyist group, CAIR, and so many like-minded others practicing their faith. So, please don’t draw too much from this. Everything we know about being a Muslim, we learned from watching the Council on American-Islamic Relations and then looking into Islam to find out what compels the group to act as it does.


So, You Want to Be a Muslim

So, want to be a Muslim.

Perhaps you are experiencing a craving related to self-actualization, such as the desire to belong to something larger than yourself. Being a Muslim, after all, gives you an instant sense of community (and instant status as a victim), even if it is with a petulant group that contributes little more to the world than temper tantrums and sporadic terrorism.

Perhaps you’ve been raised without a religion, suddenly realized that there is a God, and happen to know Muslims who seem satisfied and happy with their faith (as if that is what determines religious truth). We’re willing to bet, however, that you’re getting fed a version of Islam that is quite a bit rosier than reality. In fact, the Muslims that you know may not understand the dark corners of their own religion and the life of its prophet as well as they think.

Or maybe you just want to be different. After all, with the many incidents of Islamic terror around the globe these days, becoming a Muslim is fast surpassing tattoos and nose rings as the most effective way of shocking friends and family. So is that it? You just want to stand out in the crowd… make people feel a little uncertain around you… make them think that there is something mysterious about you?

Terms and Conditions

Well, the first thing you should know about being a Muslim is that it is a permanent choice. Unlike every other religion in the world, only Islam proscribes the death penalty for anyone foolish enough to leave the Religion of Peace. Tony Soprano’s famous statement, “Once you enter this family, there’s no gettin’ out,” sounds like a euphemism compared to Muhammad’s blunt command: “If anyone leaves his religion, then kill him.”

If you realize your error after the fact, then there is the option of keeping your personal beliefs to yourself, as millions of apostates in the Islamic world have learned to do. But, losing the freedom to speak truthfully about your convictions will be a sacrifice that may become more meaningful to you as you mature.

Also, be forewarned that accepting Islam means learning to think differently about your non-Muslim friends and family – and not in a good way. More on this later.

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Islam and the War against Freedom of Expression (Adrian Morgan)

The Danish Cartoons

On September 30, 2005, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published a series of 12 images of Mohammed, founder of Islam. The intention was not to insult Islam, but to highlight how artists had become too scared to tackle Islam head-on. The issue stemmed from attempts by Kare Blultgen, a Danish author, to find illustrators to provide pictures for a children’s book he had written about Mohammed, founder of Islam. Blultgen said he found no artist willing to take the risk of depicting Mohammed. As a result, Jyllands-Posten invited artists from across Denmark to submit their pictures. These can be seen here.

There was limited reaction within Denmark, until Palestinian-born radical cleric Ahmed Abu Laban, who ran the Waqfs mosque in Copenhagen, decided to send a delegation to tour the Middle East. The delegation brought a dossier containing the cartoons. Dishonestly, Laban added three pictures which were never printed by Jyllands-Posten. One of these was a crude drawing of Mohammed, emblazoned with the word “pedophile”, while another purported to be a picture of Mohammed as a pig. This was a photocopy of a photograph of the winner of a French pig-squealing competition, and had no relation to the Danish cartoons.

In October 2005, one website carried messages from “The Glory Brigades in Northern Europe” which threatened retribution against Jyllands-Posten and Denmark. In the same month, 5,000 Muslims organized a demonstration in Copenhagen against the cartoons and the newspaper. On October 20, 2005, ambassadors from 11 Muslim countries petitioned Danish premier Anders Fogh Rasmussen to protest the publication of the images.

Carsten Juste, editor of Jyllands-Posten, said: “To demand that we take religious feelings into consideration is irreconcilable with [W]estern democracy and freedom of expression. This doesn’t mean that we want to insult any Muslims.” Two illustrators, Franz Fuschel and Kurt Westgaard had been issued with death threats and forced into hiding. Fuschel said that he had not set out to offend, “but I live in 2005, not 905 and I use my quill in the way that Danish law allows me.” Continue reading

Hamas TV unveils Jew-eating bunny

A JEW-eating rabbit named Assud has become the newest star of a militant Palestinian children’s television show after the death of his “brother”.

The Pioneers of Tomorrow children’s series produced by Palestinian group Hamas and made famous by a Mickey Mouse-looking character declaring jihad on Israel and the US, introduced Assud the Bunny.

Assud – who said in his first episode that he would “get rid of the Jews, Allah willing, and… will eat them up” – replaced his brother, Nahoul the Bee, according to the translation from the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Watch a clip from the show:

In an interview with the program’s host, a young girl purportedly named Saraa Barhoum, Assud talked about becoming martyrdom.

“We are all martyrdom-seekers, are we not, Saraa?” Assud said on the show.

Saraa said: “Of course we are. We are all ready to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of our homeland. We will sacrifice our souls and everything we own for the homeland.”

According to the program’s plotline, Nahoul died because he could not leave Gaza to seek medical treatment from neighbouring Egypt.

Nahoul himself replaced the program’s original star, Farfur the Mouse, who was “killed by an Israeli soldier”.

Offended Muslim Syndrome (Satire)

Following the misery inflicted on Islam by a toy bear that ended up with calls for the execution of an English woman, more Muslims are stepping forward with stories of long-suppressed emotional trauma imposed on them by so-called reality. This has led to the creation of support groups and social networks that help followers of the Prophet Mohammed cope with the agony of learning about life outside of their immediate environment, offering assistance with technical resources, practical guidance, and strategies for early intervention and punishment of those who offend Islam. “I have always been offended by rubber ducks,” says Mahmud Said of Portland, Oregon. “For a long time I felt stigmatized and inadequate, until one day I decided to write about it on an Internet forum. I received hundreds of heart-felt emails – from Morocco to Indonesia. It turns out that thousands of Muslim men between the ages of 18 and 35 have had traumatic experiences with rubber ducks.”We started a support group that has grown to 10,000 members. Not only do we share horrifying rubber duck stories, we also try to increase public awareness by sabotaging the world supply of rubber ducks, setting fire to factories, abducting rubber duck distributors, and intimidating retailers. These are building blocks for our healthy future. With Allah as my witness, our public awareness campaign will soon result in a completely rubber-duck-free world.”

Abdullah Sharif had just turned 35 when the Mohammed cartoon controversy suddenly broke out. It left him so emotionally scarred that he developed an aversion to representative art in all its forms. He often found himself shrieking while passing comics in a bookstore window, or seeing the funnies in the local newspaper. But while Abdullah had formerly been considered just another oddball, thanks to social networking, he is now a successful leader of an international charitable organization working for the betterment of humankind through imposing of Sharia law on the infidels.

His group covers a wide range of activities, from occasional riots, bombings, and beating of newspaper editors to writing threatening letters to the Cartoon Network. “One true believer may be a nutcase, but together we are the fastest growing religion on Earth, making the important cultural shift to a more Islam-dominated society that benefits both the true believers and the lowly kufir,” boasts Abdullah. He recently moved to a new home in Malibu and is touring the world on a private Lear Jet.

Studies conducted by mental health professionals have shown that Muslim men and women are often offended by the most unexpected items, including baby rattles, hummingbirds, home appliances, or geographical maps with polar ice caps. On the top ten list of the most offensive things are rectal thermometers and the word “allometric,” which many consider an underhanded insult to Allah.

Every such grievance is being thoroughly documented and acted upon by support groups and mental health providers, such as CAIR, that help victims to overcome their stress and anxiety by filing costly lawsuits against private institutions and government agencies.

The typical case involved a visitor from Egypt to Brooklyn, NY, who was offended by the sight of a cumulus cloud over Atlantic Avenue in the shape of the Arabic letter “A.” By organizing protests and putting pressure on mass media, a network of Muslim groups and charities succeeded in forcing a Brooklyn judge to award the offended man $150,000 in damages, to be paid by the National Meteorological Agency. The Agency is the government body the Muslim groups deemed most responsible for regulating the proper distribution of water molecules over the New York metropolitan area.

Among the most bizarre cases is a lawsuit filed by religious and community leaders who claim that they are being unfairly targeted by gamma rays, neutrinos, and other forms of cosmic radiation. According to plaintiffs, the problem started immediately after they had complained to authorities about the disproportionately tangled shape of the Galactic magnetic field. Government agencies were fast to express dismay and sympathy for the victims, but none were willing to accept responsibility, and it seems they are playing a cynical game of administrative football with neutrino sufferers.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on national governments to provide financial backing for the network of Muslim self-help groups, twelve-step healing programs, and training camps, creating an environment that is more supportive and empowering for sufferers of Offended Muslim Syndrome (OMS).

“Being a Muslim today means to be always aware that something, somewhere, is somehow offensive to Islam,” said a report issued by WHO, a specialized agency of the UN that acts as a coordinating authority on international public health. “It is a shame to see the wealthiest nations of the world stingily hold on to their pockets in the face of the largest epidemic of reality-induced psychological disorder in human history.”

The WHO report provides a list of symptoms of the Offended Muslim Syndrome, suggesting that the condition be officially recognized as a disability, with the ensuing costs covered by Western governments. The report also includes advice and recommendations by leading UN-affiliated health professionals:

Symptoms of Offended Muslim Syndrome (OMS)

  • Irritability, agitation, anxiety at the sight of women who are not fully covered
  • Prolonged rage or unexplained killing sprees
  • Significant changes in immigration patterns
  • Brooding about the past glory of the Caliphate
  • Decreased effectiveness and minimal work productivity
  • Difficulty in understanding new information without a trial lawyer
  • Feelings of despair or hopelessness about the existence of Israel
  • Recurring thoughts of death to the infidels

In order to guard against OMS, health officials warn individuals who are at risk to make sure that the objective reality they are exposed to does not:

  • Make them aware of the outside world
  • Trigger curiosity about the Western notions of “logic” or “rationality”
  • Make life more enjoyable
  • Cause them to question the need for martyrdom
  • Have side effects such as independent thinking and longing to live as a productive individual
  • Create an illusion that communication with infidels is possible without hostage-taking

Spontaneously developed methods and techniques are already in place to help OMS sufferers: the Paris Youth Group, the Gaza System, the Beirut Procedure, and, of course, the Zawahiri Method – an easy-to-learn, do-it-yourself way to eliminate anxiety whenever you find anything offensive, by removing any negative thought or feeling below the neck of the offending party.

This method has proven to be particularly effective in breaking the patterns of thought and behavior among non-Muslims, whose very existence is suspected to be the leading cause of pain of anxiety afflicting the Muslim world.
Source: http://www.thepeoplescube.com/red/viewtopic.php?t=1621

Elderly Woman Burned to Death for Leaving Islam

Christian villagers in a Muslim-majority area of Bangladesh on Tuesday, February 5, mourned the death of a 70-year-old woman who died from burns she suffered when a mob reportedly set her home ablaze as a punishment for converting from Islam to Christianity.

Rahima Beoa, who was planning to be baptized on February 13 in Cinatuly village in Rangpur district, 248 kilometers (154 miles) northwest of the capital Dhaka, suffered burns on at least 70 percent of her body, local villagers said. Suspected Muslim extremists set their home, made from bamboo and wood, ablaze on January 7, while she and her 9-year-old grand child were sleeping, reported Compass Direct News, a Christian news agency.

The pastor of the local evangelical Isha-e-Jamat (Jesus’ Church) Bangladesh denomination, Abdul Mabud Chowdhury, reportedly said that the mob was also upset that Beoa’s daughter and son-in-law, 40-year-old Ashraful Islam, converted to Christianity and about their involvement in evangelistic efforts.

A lack of access to adequate medical care was believed to have contributed to Beoa’s death on Friday, February 1. No relatives or neighbors allegedly came to put out the fire and the family reportedly also lost two head of cattle in one corner of the structure.


Yet, the Rangpur Regional Supervisor of the local Isha-e-Jamat Bangladesh denomination, Khaled Mintu, said in published remarks that family members had forgiven those who murdered her. “Before her burial, the family members forgave those who set fire in the house and prayed to God that this kind of incident not occur anymore in this country,” Mintu was quoted as saying by Compass Direct News. “They also prayed for a situation where Muslims and Christians can practice their own religion side by side peacefully.”

This was not the first incident in the area. In 2006, Mintu said, over 7,000 Muslims vandalized houses of Christians. There are some 50 Christian families of mostly Muslim upbringing within just over three kilometers (two miles), including 18 families in the immediate area of Beoa’s home, according to local estimates.

In Bangladesh, Christians make up less than one percent of the country’s predominantly Muslim population of 150-million people. The case comes amid concerns within the human rights community about what they say are increased attacks against Christians in Bangladesh

Al Qaeda use two Down’s syndrome women to blow up 99 people in Baghdad markets

Al Qaeda fanatics plumbed to sickening new depths yesterday when they turned two women with Down’s syndrome into human bombs to kill 99 people in Baghdad.The unwitting pawns were apparently fooled into wearing explosive vests which were then detonated remotely by mobile phones as the women mingled with crowds.

The two blasts caused carnage at two busy markets in the Iraqi capital’s deadliest atrocity since last spring.

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Fire crew and volunteers clear up after the al-Ghazi market blast

A U.S. military spokesman conveyed the sense of outrage over the depravity of the masterminds.

“They have shown their true demonic character,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Stover.

Involving women in fighting violates religious taboos in Iraq, but extremists are recruiting females and youths to stage suicide attacks in a desperate attempt to beat tightened security measures.

Women can avoid thorough searches at checkpoints because of Islamic sensitivities, and four have carried out suicide bombings since November.

Yesterday’s attacks are the first ever to have involved anyone with Down’s Syndrome.

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Pain: Survivors of the blast cling to each other in their utter devastation

The first attack was in the central al-Ghazl market, where numerous birds and animals were on sale.

The weekly bazaar had been bombed several times but recently had re-emerged as a popular place to shop and stroll as Baghdad security improved and a Friday ban on driving was lifted.

The woman carrying the bomb, hidden under her traditional black Islamic robe, was a familiar figure at the market where she sold cream.

At least 46 people were killed and more than 100 wounded. Fire crews scooped up remains scattered among blood, clothing and pigeon carcasses.

About 20 minutes later, the second bomb blew up a bird market in a predominantly Shiite area in southeastern Baghdad, killing up to 22 people and wounding 65, according to police and hospital officials.

The women used in the attacks were unlikely to have been willing participants, said the chief Iraqi military spokesman in Baghdad, Brigadier-General Qassim al-Moussawi.

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Women in the pet markets grieve after the twin bombings, which were reportedly carried out against the will of the bombers

The attacks, shortly before the weekly Islamic call to prayer, were the latest in a series of violent incidents that have been chipping away at Iraqi confidence in the permanence of recent security improvements.

One pigeon seller at the al-Ghazl market said it had been particularly busy because it was a pleasantly crisp and clear winter day after a recent cold spell.

“I have been going to the pet market with my friend every Friday, selling and buying pigeons,” said Ali Ahmed, who was hit by shrapnel in his legs and chest.

“I just remember the horrible scene of the bodies of dead and wounded people mixed with the blood of animals and birds, then I found myself in a hospital bed.”

Many teenage boys were among the casualties.

A survivor of the other blast, Rae Muhsin, the 21-year-old owner of a mobile phone store, said he was walking towards the New Baghdad bird market when the bomb went off, shattering the windows of nearby stores.

He added: “I thought we had achieved real security in Baghdad, but it turned that we were wrong.”

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Despair: a wounded victim cries for a lost loved one after a suicide bomb killed dozens

The number of Iraqi civilians and security forces killed in January was 599, according to the Associated Press news agency, the lowest monthly death toll since December 2005, and continuing a downward trend since the autumn.

U.S. forces, meanwhile, have expanded offensives in central and northern Iraq with their “surge force” of 30,000 troops.

baghdad iraq bombing pet marketGrim: Vitcims’ bloody shoes in wake of an explosions at a Baghdad pet market today