Blogger Arrested for Promoting Truth (UK)


A blogger from Dunstable has been arrested and released on bail for allegedly stirring up racial hatred.
Paul Ray, who uses the pseudonym Lionheart on his provocative online diary, was arrested two weeks ago after returning from South Carolina, America where he was seeking political asylum.

He had already been warned via email on January 3 by Bedfordshire Police that he would be arrested if he returned.

Last month he attended Greyfriars police station in Bedford, was arrested then bailed and told to return in May to either be released or charged.

His blog includes his opinions on the heroin trade, Islamic fundamentalism and alleged police corruption.

Mr Ray, who used to have a flat in Great Northern Road and a computer shop on Albion Street, claims he has received death threats.

He told Luton/Dunstable on Sunday: “I felt it was right to come back. I handed myself in at a Bedford police station.

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“I was arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred. They questioned me on parts of my blog. Compared to what’s happening out there I haven’t done that much.

“I’m a Christian – that’s my defence.

“My belief it that it’s my rights and responsibility to say what some people may not like, which may hurt feelings.

“My blog is a response to what is happening. I have not called for violence.

“You have got some Muslims calling for followers to overpower the state, opening recruiting for a global jihad and raising funds for this.

“I’ve written a few words on a blog.” A spokeswoman for Bedfordshire Police said: “I can confirm that someone has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred and has been released on police bail to return in May.

“He hasn’t been charged but if he chooses to identify himself then that’s his concern.”


Here is the bloggers response to this article:

“No surrender” is the British motto

I thought I would post this article from my local newspaper, and say that I am not throwing in the towel, I stand behind my words and I very clearly state that the British motto is “No Surrender”.

I still have breath in my lungs, blood in my veins and my spirit in my body.

We can clearly see that the military wing of Islam is at War with our Judeo/Christian Civilisation because it is a religious obligation and they believe that they and their way of life is superior to us and our way of life and its their ultimate religious objective to enforce that point.

I am just taking time out from this blog so that I can get my house in order ready for the next level.

This is my country and I have a right to defend it, even if it is only through my words, and I have personally had my life threatened, so I also have my own human rights to protect because the British State through certain parts of Bedfordshire police, based on the facts, have shown that they will not protect them for me; what about when push comes to shove and its your human rights on the line, or your son or daughters human rights?

You cannot escape the future.

The Human Rights industry has been set up specifically to protect Islam and its Moslem adherents within our Judeo/Christian society, corrupt lawyers and liberal judges and politicians playing the system at the expense of the British people and the peace and security of our homeland – Abu Qatada

The lunacy of 21st Century British society.

It is not a question of if they want a War, they have declared War against us and are actively engaged in 21st Century Warfare within our society on a daily basis – Hello is anybody home

What has got to be the response to that?

Give in, give up, roll over and become Dhimmi’s in our own country and ultimately inflict murder and suppression on our children who are born or yet to be born, or do we respond to this murderous aggression that is seeking our conquest like we did to Hitler and his Nazi party during World War Two?

Many have not woken up to the truth and the facts yet!

Also who do these Moslems think they are, threatening our Bishops and religious leaders within our British homeland when all they are doing is exercising their divine peaceful roles to which they have been appointed within our Christian society?

I personally am just one person who has stood up to the conflict within society where I live, that conflict rages everywhere that there is a large Islamic community, and will get bigger and worse the more Mosque’s that are erected and when the next generation of Moslem children are of an age, after their life long indoctrination process into the Islamic religion.

Politicians need to get their heads out of the sand and stop apologising for Islam.

The greatest Jihad in history is upon us – The Global Jihad

There will be only one winner at the end – Them or Us, no middle ground, we have lived in the middle ground since the 7th Century.

I really appreciate every ones supportive and kind comments to my last post, I apologies that I cannot reply to them all, but I do read them all. It is good to see some of the names on the comments and know that your out there, this is only the beginning and we are all in this together.

The future is relying on us who are living in the now.

History talks about the British people because we have an ancient history going back millenia, and America as a modern Nation was birthed by our relatives. Our enemies would do well to realise what they are provoking for the sake of those amongst them who want to live civilised peaceful lives within our progressive 21st Century society that is underpinned by our Judeo/Christian heritage.

We never got this far in creation for nothing.

They have their freedoms because that is how we do things in this part of the World, some may not like the freedoms we enjoy, so should move back to the countries that are practicing religious suppression because religious suppression has no place within our enlightened 21st Century society, and the law should protect the British people and our society from such treason.

To be completely honest, the only real freedom is outside of Islam but their hearts and minds are too dark and clouded to that truth.

BEWARE of the new industry that is emerging – The Moslem terrorists who have converted into peaceful Moslems, the wolves in sheeps clothing, apologising for their brothers who are locked up in Belmarsh with 30 years plus rapped around them.

Anyone who helps Moslem criminality is a threat to the National Security of the British homeland, endangers the British public, and is what is commonly known as a TRAITOR. Traitors were hung in days past because of the damage they cause, the implications to wider society and the threat they then pose because of their actions to the future preservation of the homeland.

War is a relentless part of life and it rages around the World.


Bloggers response to arrest:

My arrest, detention & interrogation

For those readers of my blog who have been following my plight with regards to the police warrant that was issued for my arrest under “suspicion of stirring up racial hatred” through written material on my blog, I have returned to England and gone through the motions of being arrested, detained and then interrogated for my thought crime.

I returned to England last Wednesday and handed myself into police custody accompanied by my lawyer. I have not posted on it until now because I have not had the opportunity too and I have been acclimatizing myself to being back in the dark hole that Britain has become, and resting over the Easter holiday getting over the jet lag.

So my apologies for not posting sooner.

I obviously cannot go into the details of my arrest and detention, but lets just say I was VERY shocked and VERY surprised.

In one respect though its not surprising considering everything that has happened to me, it just shows British justice for British people and was the final insult to injury.

I made one mistake from my point of view, and I thank God that He has brought it out into the open; He does say:

Hebrews 12

“ My son, do not despise the chastening of the LORD,
Nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by Him;
6 For whom the LORD loves He chastens,
And scourges every son whom He receives.”

7 If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom a father does not chasten? 8 But if you are without chastening, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate and not sons. 9 Furthermore, we have had human fathers who corrected us, and we paid them respect. Shall we not much more readily be in subjection to the Father of spirits and live? 10 For they indeed for a few days chastened us as seemed best to them, but He for our profit, that we may be partakers of His holiness. 11 Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

So for my mistake I accept my chastening and correction from God.

Everything else I stand by.

It was quite a daunting experience having to hand myself into police custody, not knowing whether or not I was going to leave the police station that day. I had no idea at that point what evidence they were going to use against me, I was just placing my life into their hands with the hope that I would leave that police station the same day.

It is not a nice thought thinking that you could end up in prison on remand, there is no escape.

I was placed in a grubby cell with a plastic mattress that is 2 inches from the floor, a silver toilet in the corner of the cell with toilet paper that is the same as grease proof paper you cook with but without the grease, and writing all scratched into the door from previous residents of the cell I was in. I was locked in the cell for about 3 hours, just enough time to end up stinking of a British police cell (it has its own unique smell).

Standing waiting to go through to the custody suite before being placed in the cell, so that I could be arrested, read my legal rights and stripped of my possessions and anything else I could hang myself with, I stood there thinking, look at the sacrifice I have made to write about the most serious threat to our way of life in 50 years, I was being arrested for it with the possibility of going to prison for my actions, for standing up for myself, for others and for my Christian belief.

I had my life threatened by Moslems, they are pumping their heroin and crack cocaine into my community, killing and destroying my friends, they are actively at War with British society from where I live, and here I am being arrested for a few words on a computer screen – There is something wrong there don’t you think?

I thought to myself about every other person who is standing up and speaking out against Islam and its Jihad against us, our society and way of life and thought; what sacrifice would others make?

That is a very real question to people because our governments for some reason are passing laws to protect the insidious enemy that is living in our midst, laws that could have you imprisoned for your non-violent words and actions.

Another thought that I had was that we are losing this War, because it is a War no matter what any liberal might think whilst they live in their blinkered World, until that is, the day arrives when someone they know is butchered, murdered, pumped with drugs or raped by a Moslem. We are losing because our enemy is using our governments and the civilized laws that we live under that are in place to uphold and protect our society, against us, holding us back from defending ourselves. Law abiding citizens are stripped of every defence we have whilst our enemy who cares not about our laws, is actively daily at war with us and our society.

We the innocent people, the every day man/woman in the street are powerless against Islam and its Moslem followers; Islam condones terrorism, murder and hate against innocent people in their pursuit of Jihad, this is how they think towards us. We as civilized people cannot comprehend this savagery because we are the product of a civilized 21st Century society that is underpinned by our Judeo/Christian heritage and ethos that teaches us to do good to one another and to accept and love one another. We cannot fathom being taught that there are conditions when we can rape, pillage and kill those who do not think like us or believe what we believe like what Islam does.

Most people’s brains cannot grasp that concept because it is alien to them.

Any intelligent mind that cares to look at the Koran will see that it is a death manual, condoning all sorts or savagery and barbarity against the Kuffar (non-Moslem), and that Islam is a death cult, with adherents who believe that the greatest honour for them is to die killing non-Moslems, this is the only sure way they can be guaranteed a place in their paradise, and for their murderous suicidal actions they will be given 72 virgins.

Come on, how can that type of mentality fit into a Western democratic society, does the innocent public not have a right to be protected from such hatred?

Read what the Dutch politician Geert Wilders has stated to his Dutch parliament about Islam and the Koran, so I am not a lone individual saying these things, European politicians in other countries where you know nothing about what is happening on the ground there, are saying the same things too – Geert Wilders speech.

Either those of us who write and speak about Islam and Jihad are wrong or we are right, there is no middle ground, and if you care anything about the future society you want to live in and bring children and grandchildren up in, you have a responsibility to find out – You are reading this for a reason!

Moslems will tell you everything I am saying is rubbish that I am a scaremonger, Islamaphobe, racist or a hate filled person, this is because they are allowed to lie to the infidel (non-Moslem), they force their critics back and seek to silence them with these labels. Their religion teaches them that it is ok to lie to lead the kuffar into a false sense of security as they follow and carry out their duty of Jihad – This is called Taqqia and is a teaching of Mohamed

Come on, how can any peaceful religion teach that it is ok to lie to someone in their pursuit to dominate the person by all means necessary?

Most people reading this post will not live near a large Islamic community so will have absolutely no comprehension or understanding about the effects on society that Moslems create. Sadly I am from the Luton area which was used as base camp for Al Qaeda’s declaration of War against Great Britain on 7/7, the streets of this area are flooded with Al Qaeda’s heroin direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, so I know exactly what it is like living side by side to an Islamic community that is conducting violent Jihad against non-believers. Then there is the case of the children who were being pumped with drugs and forced into child prostitution and trafficked by gangs of Moslem men in the North of England, or the case of a 76 year old man battered and almost killed because he walked through a Moslem area, or the case of 15 year old Kriss Donald in Scotland who was kidnapped, tortured and then murdered, or the little girl who was killed and chopped up and turned into Kebab meat, or the pizza shop selling cakes with poo all over it. The list of atrocities and degradation against our society by Moslems in their Jihad against us as non-Moslems is endless.

Jihad is a religious obligation for all Moslems.

In Great Britain we not only have the daily savagery aimed at us and our society by Moslems, we also have a systematic military campaign being waged against us from the enemy within, a campaign aimed at breaking down our moral and will to resist the demands made of us and our society so that it and us fall in line with Islam. This is the transference of power from the indigenous people of this land over to the Islamic guests who want to change the Nation into an Islamic State. We have had the 7/7 bombings with 52 people killed and over 700 wounded, and after this event money was poured into the Islamic Kingdom and some of the Worlds worst terrorists were paraded around government as if they were moderates who could quell the unrest (unrest they caused in the first place), then you had the failed London car bombings outside Tiger Tiger night club that would have killed untold women due to it being a ladies night, if the bomb had of gone off, along with that there was the failed bombing at Glasgow airport. We have had the beheading gang who were going to kidnap and behead a British soldier, film it and then place it up on Youtube, we had the failed 21/7 suicide bombers whose bombs failed to go off, we have had Diren Barot and two of his terror cells actively seeking to acquire a radioactive bomb so they could detonate it up the streets of Britain and cause a black day in our history, and we had the fertilizer plot which was the biggest anti-terror operation in British history, operation crevice, the list of acts of War against the people of Britain by Moslems living amongst us goes on and on.

Not only that we have Jihadi’s training here upon British soil for their war against us.

This is fourth generation warfare.

While the likes of this man – Anjem Choudry – are allowed to continue preaching and promoting Jihad (Holy War) amongst the Islamic Kingdom, against the people of Britain and our society, then things are only going to get worse.

I have been arrested for calling Moslems savages amongst other things, what would you call them?

In comparison take a watch of this video: Undercover Mosque

Not one person on the film was arrested for any religious or racial hate crime, there is calls for treason, for civil disobedience, for murder, the glorification of murder and teaching on the acceptability of paedophilia.

I am now on Police bail for this offence and have to return to the station at the end of May to see whether or not I am going to be charged with this offence and put before a court, or whether they are going to release me without charge.

I have said all along that I would be more than willing to stand before a Court of law over my words, but I did not want to be placed on remand for them.

I welcome a court case over my words about Islam and Moslems.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped, encouraged me and supported me over the last few months, especially Us or them, Gates of Vienna and CVF it is extremely appreciated, its good to know there are people out there willing to help.

Thank you.


I have been reviewing Lionheart’s blog for a while now and I am yet to find what articles may have constituted such a violation of someones rights that they found it racially offensive and worthy of criminal charges.
Firstly, I wondered if he was in fact racist i.e. a person subscribing to racism. Racism has two main definitions:

1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2 : racial prejudice or discrimination
I decided to compare these traits of racism to Lionheart’s blog.
It is a wonderful, typically British scene. I am sitting in a Manchester curry house, wondering whether to choose the Madras or the korma. The place is humming with Arabic, and a number of extended families have gathered to eat at adjacent tables. A few children skip past. My lunchtime companion is, at 24, three years younger than me. His name is Hassan Butt, and he’d like to martyr himself in Britain for the sake of Islam. I order the korma.

In the past year, Hassan and I have become steadfast dining partners, if not exactly firm friends. Over curries, pizzas and saccharine soft drinks, in London and Manchester, I have discovered what makes him tick. “Pray to Allah that he accepts me as a martyr,” he muses. “If that’s tomorrow, then tomorrow. If not, then whenever Allah wills.” Why don’t you get on with it, I ask. “Everything needs to be done in an organised manner, with the current organisations that are working around the world.”

1. He has no issue with muliculturalism as he is eating at a curry house.
2. He attaches no negative stigma to the location “humming with Arabic”
3. He engages in regular conversation with ‘Hassan Butt’.
Traits of a racist person? Any discrimination? Nope.
Lionheart has not denied attacking the fundamental Islamists – he has attacked their justification for murder and violence. He has also made this distinction between radical Islamists and peaceful Muslims. Yet his words against acts of violence and sedition are considered by some as stirring racial hatred.
Whether or not I personally agree with some of his more outlandish statements, I do agree with his criticism of violence among the radical Muslims as well as his freedom to express that criticism. His words have always been non-violent criticisms yet they are expected to be held more accountable than words of violence.
A double standard regarding freedom of speech is saddening.
Islam and Christianity should be open to the same criticisms the Republican and Democrat parties are – religion, including Islam, should not be above criticism.

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