Man attacked and threatened for not being a ‘Proper Muslim’

A man in an asylum center was attacked by his 23 year old neighbor for having alcohol in his fridge. The two men shared a kitchen in one of the immigration service’s houses in Halmstad. One day when the victim came home from work, his neighbor broke into his room and attacked him with a knife. “You are not a proper Muslim. I will kill you,” he threatened.

The reason was that the man – also a Muslim – had some beer in the fridge. The man fled from the apartment, and when he came back he found his room vandalized and destroyed with detergent.

To the court the 23 year old declared that he wanted to clean away the evil from the room.

The man was sentenced to psychiatric care for unlawful threat, breaking in, and causing damage. He is also to pay the victim 21,200 kronor in damages.

13 Responses

  1. if the man is in an asylum center, what does this anecdote tell us about Islam? It certainly has nothing to do with any of the things you tagged. How silly.

    “The man was sentenced to psychiatric care for unlawful threat” and you somehow saw it fit to tag this article ‘muslim murder’. how shameful.

  2. Your only criticism being an article tagged to meet the broader representation of the blog as a whole instead of the specific blog? How shameful.

  3. yea, that is shameful. of course there is no need to argue about the content with someone obviously who has alot of hate. your profile avatar says it all. arguing with you about the content is meaningless because it is clear that your team (you) are firm believers in your cause of hate. the article is about an insane man and you think that represents islam? if you want to hate, it would make since to use better stories like articles about bombings or what have you, not something about an insane man. you need to learn from your fellow racists around the world. you have alot of work to do before this is a true hate blog!


  4. There is no need to argue about the content as you have no argument.
    How does my profile picture represent hate in any manner? It does not yet, you are aware of that, yet you continue to create fiction.

    When was this site about hate? Is there any evidence of this? Of course not. Similarly, you have no evidence to be critical of this article or the site other than ‘it was tagged wrong’. Your claim that he was a mentally ill person is incorrect. If you were indeed as intelligent as you attempt to represent yourself as you would understand the correctional facilities provided within asylum centres. Here is the hint: they do not have their own prison facilities. They have a single facility that deals with the rehabilitation of the mentally ill and the criminal. Similarly, no claim of this being representative of mainstream Islam was ever made.

    But alas, you are ignorant and only fuel your argument with many insults.

    Lastly, as you are well aware yet choose to ignore in order to construct some fallacious string of lies, this site has never been about hate and it has never been about hating Muslims or any specific race. Thus, it is neither a hate site or a racist site as you so strongly claim.

    Now here is a little challenge to you: If we hate Muslims so much why do we so strongly support moderate Muslims and have only ever attacked, and rightfully so, the radical extremists? (take the most recent post for example)

  5. haha. if you are so blind to your own hate, their is little that one can do to argue with you. Do you know who Shaykh Abdul Hadi Palazzi is?

  6. Once again, not even one single piece of evidence supporting your claim of hate. Really not the way to go.

    Now please, what is the reference to Palazzi? It is a reference reaffirming the sites stance of no-hate which would surely contradict your numerous lies?
    Palazzi and this site share many similar views specifically the condemnation of Wahhabism and the radical elements of Sunni Islam.

  7. I bet you do share the same views. šŸ™‚

    You offer nothing new to the expanding field of Islamophobia, just the same trite commentary that can be found on jihad watch et al.


  8. Why would I add anything to Islamophobia?
    Again, you have no answers to any questions posed or any evidence for the constant fallacious dribble you spurt.

  9. Indeed. I am not debating the merits of the story you link. Obviously it happened. What is their to debate about a news story? The issue than, is with your refusal to see what you are doing as somehow hateful.

  10. We stopped debating the news story long ago so I am at a loss to why you mentioned the above. Again my question stands as to your evidence relating to the claims that this site is about hatred and racism. Both unfounded statements which you have constantly tippy toed around justifying.

  11. ok. fair enough. after re-reading your posts, it is quite clear that you do NOT have a prejudice of any sort against Islam or Muslims. In fact, your posts are meant to bring out the kinder gentler side of the news and indeed, your blog is dedicated to creating a peaceful and respectful place dialogue between people with different opinions.


  12. Once again you do not have one bit of evidence to back up your claims.

    As has been listed everywhere on the site including my dialogue with you we do not have a prejudice against Islam or Muslims. However, we do have a serious issue with radical Islam as any intelligent neoliberalist would.

    But as is evident your ability to read and understand is lacking.

    And I am unaware of the claim at the end of your post…you are free to engage in dialogue with me as we have been doing. No one has limited your right to express yourself no matter how idiotic your statements have been.

    You fight facts with facts not lies. Try it one day.

  13. thanks for the advice


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