Freedom of Speech?

Sounds a little threatening to me.
But who am I to judge? This site is apparently far worse.
Just ask your nearest oxymoron loving liberalist

Edit: The proof of Islamic hate speech was kindly censored. Ironic – no one was arrested for threatening individuals, a content, a country or an opposing ideology yet such records of this are not allowed on the internet.

One Response

  1. Islamoscope (sic),

    Anyone is able to find pictures of radicals saying the most horrible and unacceptable lines, just go to Louisianna, get something from the War in Bosnia or any other extremist redneck Christian site.

    Tell me, what do you think of the current controversy over the German artist who has presented a crucified frog in an Italian exhibition? The Pope is jumping up and down calling it blasphemy……. tell you what though, if the place is burnt down or the artist murdered are they going to condemn Christianity?

    I think you have done enough now with this site saying you hate Muslims and Islam, twisting enough data and so-called quotations to justify your ranting. You hve nothing else to do with your web-talents?

    Why not concentrate your energy on something else eh?

    …….or is some lobby group paying you?

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