Was Muhammad A Pedophile? (Video)

We should start the week off with two videos on Islams most holy prophet, Muhammad. These videos  deal with Muhammad’s marriage to 6 year old Aisha and their sexual relationship beginning when she was only 9 yeras old.

These videos will show the basic facts and legacy of Muhammad’s actions today. They leave you to draw your own conclusions.



4 Responses

  1. Why have you kept my previous comment under moderation where I have exposed your falsehood concerning this post ????????

    It only exposes your claims of honest scholarship that you don’t even publish rebuttals unmasking your falsehood .

    I have said it again and I am saying it again that your BELIEVE IN THE NAZI BELIEF THAT IF a LIE is spoken loud enough and spoken repeatedly, it will be believed.

    Be sure that you are unworthy of being called a blogger . A blogger would allow discussion on his posts . But you wouldn’t . Shame on you …

  2. Hi Mazin,

    You are well aware that I am more than open to discuss your claims as we have been doing in the ‘About’ section. I believe it is a shame that you intend to wrongfully defame the blog and their authors, attributing apparent ‘NAZI’ like traits. However, when your claims and abuses are examined there is no trend beyond the fiction you propagate.

    The reason why your rebuttal has not been approved is because your comment contains an article which in your copy and paste effort contains the words “© 2001 Minaret”. Read for yourself as it is the last line of the text.

    We will not host copyrighted material unless you have permission. Just as our bloggers must ask for permission to host articles found on other sites, so must comments.

    If you cite the article, quote fragments or simply link to it your comment is more than welcome.

    I hope you understand the facts as they are more powerful than your defamatory lies.

  3. Another option is for you to host the article on your own blog and ping this blog article so they will be connected as responses. In this way it will be of no concern to us if you host copyrighted material.

  4. On the About page of the site from which I took this article it clearly allows everyone to spread their articles for educational purposes , that’s why I pasted here.

    Anyway here’s the link refuting this post of yours :

    Was Ayesha A Six-Year-Old Bride?
    The Ancient Myth Exposed


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