Children of Paradise Terrorist Cell And Child Terrorists (Iraq, Afghanistan) (VIDEO)

Children as young as eight years old are being recruited by Islamists militants to carry out suicide attacks. Intelligence services have revealed that al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan are enlisting children for such operations.

The video can be viewed here:

It is an eye opener well worth watching.

2 Responses

  1. ok, so i COMPLETELY DISAGREE with sending ANYONE out for suicide bombing, killing yourself is against the muslim religion too. sending in 8 year olds is even worse, because they are just kids.
    i in no way support this and am disgusted they are sending children in to do such things,

    however, u westerners that are soooo superior are more humane, right? i mean, in modern countries like the us they have built nuclear weapons up to the point where, if 1 country is to release a nuclear missile it most likely will mean the end of the world when the other countries retaliate, destroying everything.and isnt free speech great? i mean, u get to say WHATEVER u want, well i mean, whatever the media has shown to you, right? cause most people are too oblivious to see how the media only shows what the higher ups want you to see.

    it pissed me off SO much the past few years where on the news i’d see somethign like, breaking news, 3 canadian soldiers have died in afghanistan or 24 american soldiers have died in a suicide bombing. like WHAT THE FUCK! i mean, has the news EVER released how many afghans die there too? the reason why these guys are suicide bombing is b/c they cant stand having the soldiers from the country that destroyed theirs still in their land.

  2. I commend your condemnation of suicide bombers.

    However, I do disagree with you on your point for suicide bombings. I think you should come to realise that this is probably the view that the ‘higher ups’ in the liberal media want people to believe.

    If you examine suicide bombings beyond a simple media report, you would notice that most are a result of sectarian violence. Muslims blowing up Muslims. Iraqis blowing up Iraqis.

    Ongoing sectarian violence in countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Lebanon has been going on for years. In fact, it has its roots in early Islam following the split between Shia and Sunni Muslims regarding Muhamma’s successor and the First Fitna of around 650-660AD. This goes on today at the expense of many innocent lives and is in no way associated with Western intervention. Nor is this violence a form of defence against US/coalition forces.

    So don’t let the media fooling you into believing the middle east is in complete peace other than US intervention;)

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