Islam: Not The Fastest Growing Religion In The World (and other Myths of Islam)

One very popular online myth and urban legend is that of Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world. I have spent some time examining the sources, especially those shown by Islamic groups and websites to prove the claim. However, my conclusions using their own and independently verifiable sources is something very different to this claim.

With Islam it seems to be – if you repeat a lie enough times it will be believed.

Another notable examples of this:

Neil Armstrong – first man to walk on the moon.

A few years ago some Muslims wishing to gain converts created another story for proselytization purposes. One of them includes Neil Armstrong. The myth as propagated by scores of Islamic websites is that while on the moon Neil and others heard the Islamic call to prayer. While visiting Egypt he again heard this same call to prayer and immediately converted to Islam saying that it was the same call to prayer he heard on the moon. (Another myth goes that he also saw the Qur’an floating around on the moon).

To back up this ‘creative truth’ Muslims have also invented fake transcripts and countless other documents including fake references to Neil’s biography. However, the facts of the matter according to Neil Armstrong himself:

1) He did not hear the call to prayer on the moon

2) He did not convert to Islam

He makes reference to this countless times and the US State Department also released a memo to embassies worldwide informing them that Neil was not interested in hosting or being a guest to Islamic events and that he has not nor has intentions of converting to Islam.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. I found a very good article explaining why Islam is not the fastest growing religion in the world and I will copy from it.

From the statistics available we can cleary see that the fastest growing religion in the world in real terms is Christianity. Where Islam gains 23 Million new adherents annually, Christianity gained 30 Million new adherents in that same period. Thus, Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world.
In terms of the question of  gaining the most religions by conversions, again that title goes to Christianity. By converisons from other religions, Christianity tends to be the most effective by a long shot with over 2 Million conversions followed by the 800,000 conversions recorded by Islam in that period.
Another interesting part of the article is the systematic destruction of some fake sources used by Muslims to claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.
Additional Information – Dispelling the Myths

1. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. FALSE
Islam is neither the fastest growing religion in the world by  precentage growth or real person growth.
2. Buddhism is the fastest growing religion in the world. FALSE
Although Buddhism is emerging in the Western world it is not the fastest growing religion in the world.
3. The world is converting to Islam faster than any other religion. FALSE
In terms of conversions Islam performs very poorly. The growth of Islam is attributed to higher birth rates in areas where it is dominant.
4. Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world. TRUE
By real term growth, Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world.

Misleading Sources Explained
Currently, many Muslim websites spread the claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. These websites usually provide no explanation to these claims or occasioanlly provide loose and unveriifiable media quotes.
This source provides no statistical evidence to the claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. The only allusion to the claim is “The second-largest religion in the world after Christianity, Islam is also the fastest-growing religion.” However, the data proves this claim to be wrong and as a media quote it holds no evidential weight.
2. ABC NEWS Quote
As the quote and citation appears on various sites: “Already more than a billion-people strong, Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion”. [ABCNEWS,]

No such quote exists today on the website.
3. 60 Minutes Quote
As the quote appears and is cited: “The Religion of Islam is growing faster than any other religion in the world.” [MIKE WALLACE, 60 MINUTES]
No evidence is provided to support the claim and it is merely a media quote. Again, no reason for this quote to be taken seriously in determining the fastest growing religion.
4. estimated that in  2000 there would be 1.9Billion Muslims in the world
False claims like this are one of the reasons why Islam is believed to be the fastest growing religion in the world. The facts of the matter is that the most liberal estimated of the amount of Muslims in 2000 was 1.1-1.2 Billion. Today the world population of Muslims is only at 1.3 Billion.
5. Arabnews article: Islam ‘ fastest growing faith in Australia (Appearing on

Although the article is named and used to claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion in Australia, the article itself paints no such picture. The article states that, “Today, Islam is one of the fastest growing faiths in Australia” and makes no claim to it being the fastest growing religion in Australia. Although statistics are provided they do not lead to the conclusion that Islam is the fastest growing religion in Australia as the title claims.
6. ABC Transcript: “Fastest-Growing Religion Often Misunderstood” (Appearing on
This article never states that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world nor does it provide evidence alluding to such a claim.
7. People’s Daily Online: OIC official: “Islam shows fastest growing religion on earth”
Other than a representative of Organization of Islamic Conference  allegedly making the claim, a quote nor any proof is brought up.

8 Responses

  1. Apostate rates are also unavailable but from what I have seen they are probably far higher than is currently supposed. Everything from mosque attendance to opinions held on political and religious issues indicate that Muslims become less Muslim in Western nations over generations but this effect is masked by comparing current second and third generation immigrants with current first generation immigrants. Many second generation Muslims still hold some disturbing opinions but they are less strict in there orthodoxy than their parents and since current immigrants from Islamic nations are slightly less orthodox than the parents of today’s second generation, comparisons make it look like they are getting more orthodox when the opposite is true.

    When you find a really extreme Muslim who was born in the West, he falls away from the mean of opinion so chances are that his parents will not be more extreme than him but the over all trend is towards less extreme (orthodox) Islamic believes from first to third generations and the rate of secularization and other forms of apostasy likely is growing in Islamic communities from the Middle East to the middle of “Islamic communities” in the West. It is hard to see for obvious reasons but there are signs.

    Even the “no-go” areas have a lot more Christian Africans and Arabs than is understood and with the economies of North Africa growing fast enough to lower unemployment and those of Sub-Saharan Africa seeing growth enough to create skilled and moneyed migrants but not enough to provide enough jobs yet, both North Africa and Europe are seeing non Muslim immigration rising while Islamic birth rates fall.

  2. I left Islam behind completely as soon as I got to Australia. I don’t talk about it though because muslims generally have the attitude that apostates should be killed. I was working with a guy from Sudan who converted to Islam along with his whole village because of threats that they would be killed if they didn’t. He learned about Islam out of having to know about it because when the muslim militia men came around and asked you questions if you couldn’t answer them you would get beaten and some people even got killed just for that.

    There is no doubt about it, countries that are taken over by Islamic governments force people into being muslims at over the barrel of a gun. For this reason you can not tell how many are really muslim, but one thing is certain……a lot are not.

  3. Allah mentioned in Quran,
    Truth will destroy the false.

    Islam need no myth to attract believers.
    If Allah wants he/she will be guided to Islam out of his/her own will. A muslim never push a non-believer to accept Islam rather its non-believers to make allegation against Muslims. Look at the history of Crusade or maybe recent history of Iraq invasion. Islamic state would never allow killing innocent civilians of any faith.

  4. Islam is a myth.

    Muslims always force non-Muslims to accept Islam. It has happened throughout the entire history of Islam from Muhammad’s time this day.

    Why is it that in most Muslim countries apostasy is illegal and punishable by death? If that is not forcing, I wonder what is?

    You are either blind or deceptive.

    And lastly, what about the Iraq war?

  5. u are saying wrong about islam, i have excepted islam because it is the only true religion on the surface of the world and it is the fastest religion not christinity, and by the way the word christian and the word trinety and jesus does not exist in the whole bibil,actualy jesus is not the son of god but the phropet of islam

  6. Assalamu alaykum (peace be upon you).

    I agree that the Qu’ran states clearly there should be no compulsion in religion. Muslims who force others to become muslim are clearly not believers in the Qu’ran as it clearly states that you cannot force others to believe in Islam. It is also clearly stated that all religions of Abraham are protected under the Qu’ran such as Christianity, Judaism, and debated but also have been protected by the Caliphate were Hinduism and Buddhism. It is important to remember that when the Crusaders first entered Jerusalem they destroyed and slaughtered everyone there Jews and Christians. When Muslims retook Jerusalem under Saladin there was no such compulsion.

    Now I could easily argue compulsion of religion during the Spanish Inquisition, or during the period of Manifest Destiney and the American Halocaust (systematic extermination of the Native Americans), and I could write Christianity off as a ruthless and xenophobic religion too, However as a muslim I believe it is more important to be introspective and to try to make myself and my own religious community better instead of spending my time complaining about others. I sometimes wish our Christian and Jewish cousins would do that as well. As the saying goes, the Emperor wears no clothes.

  7. To the guy who keeps commenting pretending to be different people – your IP address is actually recorded and I can see you’re the same person.

    Have fun agreeing with yourself!

  8. Syaloom every body
    I’m from Indonesia and I’m a Crist follower
    (sorry for my English)
    Haloo Michal smit
    I want to show U something
    But in Qoran shows that is Yesus is the “infinite”(god).
    read this. it’s writen in Qoran

    “… innal ladzina tad`una min dunillahi lay yakhluqu dzubabaw wa lawijtama`u lahu….”(Juz 17 Al-Hajj letter 22 sentence 73).
    “…In fact which you exclaim besides Allah, they do not once can make them although fly congregate for that ..”

    “..Inni akhluqu lakum minath thini kahai-atith thairi fa anfukhufihi fayakunu thaira..”(Juz 3 Ali-Imran letter3 sentence 49)
    “..In fact I come to you by bringing a sign (miracle) of your The infinite that me make for U of land;ground in form of bird, then I breeze it, hence he become bird..”

    “Innallaha `indahu `ilmus sa`ati…”(Juz 21 Lukman letter 31 sentence 34).
    ” Allah have a crack of doom science”

    *ISA as. ALSO KNOW DOOMSDAY and HE is The Right Way
    “Ihdinash shirathal mustaqim”(Juz 1 Al-Fatihah letter 1 sentence 6).
    “God show us the right way”.

    “Wa innahu la`ilmul lis sa`ati fa la tamtaruna biha wat tabi`uni hadza shiratum mustaqim” (Juz 25 Az-Zhukhruf letter 43 sentence 61)
    “And in fact that Jesus gives correctness knowledge about doomsday, thats way you don’t hesitate about that doom and follow the right way”

    there so many things I like to show that in Qoran says ISA as. IS a SAVIOR
    but I wait comment from michal smit first

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