Muhammad’s Polytheism in Islam

Muslims brag that they believe in one God! But is it really true? Why Allah Himself emphatically admitted in the Holy Quran (37:125; 23:72) about the existence of different Gods?

Islam claims to be a monotheistic belief system! The basic ‘mantra’ of Islam is that there is one God! The Kalima Tyyaba, the Muslim profession of faith, says: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

This is the basic teaching of Islam. According to this Islamic ‘mantra’ there is only one God, who is Allah. In fact, Islam does not recognize any other God or Gods, period. That is the basic reason why the puritan Muslims do not respect any other religion and entertain the desire to eliminate all other creeds and establish Islam as the sole religion on Earth, which belongs to Allah alone. At least, this is what most pukka (real) Muslims (the al-Qaeda Jihadis) do believe!

This is the main reason why Muslims in the West can never integrate with the culture of their host nation. This is the basic reason why Muslims are causing troubles in almost every country on earth. In fact, Muslims in the western societies are basically a cancerous element in the cultural mix of any host nation. Truly speaking, pure Muslims (Jihadi varieties) can not mix with the gullible Muslims or general public even in their country of birthPakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria and Indonesia, for example.

For the same reason, Prophet of Islam had declared war against the polytheists of his birthplace and relentlessly fought at least 78 battles killing thousands of infidels and enslaved thousands of their men, women and children. Only crime those poor infidels had committed was their belief systems in polytheistic and other non-Islamic religions.

Muhammad forced them to believe in one sole God, namely Allah and None else! As per this belief system of Prophet Muhammad—there isn’t a God other than Allah. Another verse in the Quran says:

3:18: There is no god but He…!

According to this verse alone, again we are to believe that Islamic basic teaching is just one God—which is Allah!

Surprisingly, however, one can find some Quranic verses which are telling the different story altogether! Let’s examine the following two verses:

Will ye call upon Baal and forsake the Best of Creators, [Quran: 37:125, Yusuf Ali]

Or is it that thou askest them for some recompense? But the recompense of thy Lord is best: He is the Best of those who give sustenance. [Quran: 23:72, Yusuf Ali]

In these two verses, Allah tells a different story. “Best of creators” means one creator who is better than some other creators. Therefore, Muslims believe there are multiple creators; Allah being the best of them all—whom Muslims must worship.

Similarly, “Best of those who give sustenance” means Allah is best giver of sustenance than the other Gods. In other words, Allah can give better nourishment or better livelihoods than the other Gods out there. Therefore, Muslims should worship to Allah alone, who can offer them the best of goodies. Allah is like a politician, who urges voters to give their allegiance to him offering them the best of goodies, if chosen.

In the above two Quranic verses Allah clearly admits the existence of multiple Gods; He being best of Them. Therefore, the Muslim claim that there is only one God is false and ridiculous in the least. Allah himself refutes this uneducated claim of Muslims.

Baal, the Moon God, whom Pagans used to worship was also another God but less powerful, weak and imperfect than Allah – may be! All those 360 idols kept in the Ka’ba and later destroyed by the Prophet of Islam, were also Gods of some quality, although inferior or less powerful than Allah.

The million dollar question is why then Allah called Pagans nonbelievers who may have believed in BAAL the Moon-God, or in other 360 different Gods?

Was Allah lying to Muslims? Why Allah asked Muslims (in Quran) to kill others who did not believe in Islam?

Could any Islamic scholar explain this Islamic puzzle?


2 Responses

  1. Dear Islamascope (sic) ,

    Who pays you?

    You describe the battle against infidels by the prophet (pbuh) killing thousands as the cause for today.

    When finally the Christians took over the Roman Empire, hundreds of thousands of paegens perished. Does that count for the Christian cause today? Does the burning, public strangling of jews, other christians and muslims by the Spanish Inquisition reflect the Christian cause of today? Does the mass murder of millions of Jews by Christian Germans reflect this as well ? Does the murder and ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Muslims in Bosnia by Christians do so as well? That was recent was it not?

    Face it, this blog site is here for a politcal cause paid by some interest group to bash muslims. I notice there is no real identification of who you are, no section to say this site is run by or sponsored or paid for by ………………..

    Fill in the blanks please and stand up and be counted, be brave Islamoscope (sic). Are you Zionist Thgs or Snake-Kissing Rednecks?


  2. Oh, get a life.
    Since when were you a friggin expert on Islam?

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