Accused Rapist: “She Made Me Interested”

Another story of Islamic culture impeding on basic human rights in the west. Throughout the Islamic world the guilt is placed on the women thus allowing men to get away with rape and other abhorrent acts of abuse.

By Nicky Park

A CABBIE accused of dragging a teenage girl into the back of his taxi and raping her said she had made him interested in her, a court was told.

Giving evidence in the New South Wales District Court today, Constable Benjamin Short said he pulled over a taxi driven by Sydney man MD Kowsar Ali early on November 4 last year.

An 18-year-old woman had just made an hysterical call to police from nearby Beverley Park, alleging she had been raped by a taxi driver.

Constable Short said Mr Ali told him: “I made mistake, she made mistake, but she made me interested in her.”

The 22-year-old has pleaded not guilty to raping the teenager, whose identity is protected, after picking her up from central Sydney shortly after midnight.

Under cross examination from Mr Ali’s barrister yesterday, the woman denied having consensual sex with Mr Ali or suggesting they could “get together” in the back seat.

The jury has been told the woman made the emergency call when she ran crying from the taxi, telling police the driver had raped her and then wiped her down with a T-shirt.

Constable Ashley Taylor told the court that when Mr Ali was read his rights, he responded: “But I want to say I made a mistake.”

Sergeant Scott Hallwood told the jury it was clear the young woman had consumed alcohol but said she “was not seriously intoxicated”.

He said she was “crying uncontrollably” and was “very distressed”.

Earlier, a friend of the alleged victim told the jury she had given the driver instructions to take the teenager home.

Another friend said the woman had thrown up in the toilets at the hotel and was in “no state to go back into the pub”.

The hearing continues.


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