The Predictable Nature of Muslim Apologetics

I have two articles on the issue of the textual preservation of the Quran. These articles can be found here:

  1. The Myth of Perfect Preservation: Examining a Variant
  2. Variant Readings of the Quran – Are They All the Same?

In these articles I raised the issue of variant readings of the Quran that result from different vowelisations as well as examining a textual variant as a result of contradictory manuscript readings.  In one of these articles I made a very important note as to how Muslims would respond. It said,

When the Muslim cannot respond to such a claim they tend to employ the Red Herring Fallacy.

A red herring is an argument, given in reply, that does not address the original issue. Critically, a red herring is a deliberate attempt to change the subject or divert the argument. [1]

Indeed, I did receive a response to my articles which, as pre-empted, was nothing but a red herring.

Ibn Anwar of the polemic Unveiling Christianity composed an article titled, Is the Qur’an truly preserved as the Muslims claim? Anwar states that, “A good brother by the name Army of Jesus is Islam directed me to the article and requested that I produce refutations.”

So, he is setting himself up to refute my articles. However, is this achieved?

Not once does Ibn Anwar interact with my numerous examples of clear and verifiable textual variants. Instead, he began with an ad hominem, moved to attacking a strawman and left my arguments untouched.

Evidently, the issue of textual variants in the Qur’an remains an issue that Muslim apologists cannot touch.

One Response

  1. Thanks for the info.
    As Islam comes under critical study in a way it never was subjected to before in the modern age, it will be hard-pressed to make a credible defense of its claims as having a monopoly on truth. A few muslims will just become violent in response to a questioning of their beliefs about the perfection of the Quran and its Messenger. Some will become increasingly reclusive, restricting their sphere of interaction only to like minded believers. Others will seek to satisfy themselves or others with specious arguments and intellectually dishonest rationalizations. But some will open their minds and begin to take the first steps to questioning and to freedom.

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