Islam 101

From Conservablog:

Abrahamic Religions: Monotheist religions centered around Abraham’s progeny which is far from being ascertained (Gen.12.14-20), let alone his very existence. Historically, the first one to really instill monotheism was either pharaoh Akhenaten (~1353/~1334) or Zoroaster (Zarathoustra) depending on the timeline given to his Gathas. See Fideism, Hanif, Prophet and Semitic Religions.

Abrogations: The most crucial topic for any infidel is the rule of abrogations through which ‘Allah’ allowed Himself to change His mind. This may sound silly from an all-knowing God but we’re dealing with Muslim’s intelligence! Allah so gave Himself this permission (!!!) in three quranic verses (ayats): 16.101 (Chr.70th), 2.106 (Chr.87th) and 13.39 (Chr.96th) which I’ll quote: –”Allah effaceth what He will, and establisheth (what He will), and with Him is the source of ordinance.” Apart from this silliness, stand the fact that most of the peaceful verses (written in Mecca), likely quoted by Islamic apologists were, in fact, substituted by others (later written in Medina): mainly all the bloody verses found in chapters 3 (Chr.89th), 5 (Chr.112th), 8 (Chr.88th) and chapter 9 (Chr.113th). This one verse permits pious suicide: –”Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah ? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph.” Q.9:111 (Chr.113th). See Qur’an (order of the chapters) and Ref. Chronological Quran.

Aggression: Muslims never committed aggression, they only rightfully proselyte. Comes only from Israel and the USA, or their Allies since no possible wrongs can be attributed to Allah, His prophet or His Slaves (Muslims). See Attack, Innocent, Islamic Conspiracy Theories, Paranoia and Theo van Gogh.

Agnostics: To be slaughter along with atheists, idolators, Buddhists, Ba’hai’s, Hindus and not-so-good Muslims (the moderate kind), etc. It takes time though but Allah’s will do ascertained it.

Agreement (with non-Muslims): Arrangements kept so long as individual Muslims or the Umma arise to its advantages. Can be broken without provocations at any time. See Qur’an chapter 9.1 (Chr.113th). See Appeasement, Dar-al Harb, Hudna, Imam, Kitman and Taqqiya.

Ahmad: Praised. In Q.61.6 (Chr.109th): ”And when Jesus son of Mary said: O Children of Israel! Lo! I am the messenger of Allah unto you, confirming that which was (revealed) before me in the Torah, and bringing good tidings of a messenger who cometh after me, whose name is the Praised One. Yet when he hath come unto them with clear proofs, they say: This is mere magic.” Mohammed elevates himself as the ‘Ahmad’ proclaimed by Jesus (Jn.16.7), most likely from yet another proper name corruption for the Greek Paracletos. Revolutionary would be the emerging fact that Muhammad was more of a title than a name. Then, the Quranic Muhammad would rather be… Jesus! Not the same as the leader known in Islamic tradition. See Mohammed, Narcissism (pathological), Prophet and Shirk.

Alcohol: All Muslims have to avoid alcohol, as well as all non-Muslims, which are in presence of Muslims. All food which contains rests of alcohol is forbidden (see Halal, Haram, Music). The strict prohibition of alcohol isn’t found in the Qur’an and, up to the Abbaside dynasty and the hadiths, the former Umayyad caliphs were known to their abuse of alcohol, especially wine. See Hadiths.

Allah: Islamic name for ”God”. Always written al-Ilah (The God) in the Qur’an, never Allah. Pimp or alter-ego of Mohammed. Allah existed before Mohammed, since his father was named Abdullah (slave of Allah). Its most probable origin is the Arabic moon god II-ilah, but we find in Mt.5.8 the name Alaha, Syriac for God from the Aramaic Alôh-ô, and Eloi in Mc.15.34 and Mt.27.46. Both Alaha and Yah find an ancestor in the Egyptian Yah (Iah or Lah: the moon proper). To reject al-Ilah (Allah), even to do without or tepidly, is considered in Islam as we would say of High Treason. See Qur’an (four items).

Allah (Names & Expressions): Allah-u Akhbar: ”Allah is Great”, said when carrying any punishing duty, otherwise the reverencial ”Bismi Allah” (in the name of Allah), or the fatalistic ”Inch-a Allah” (God’s fate), will be spoken out. ”Allahu A’alam” means Allah knows best. Al-Rahman (The Most Beneficent) is the Arabic equivalent of the Jewish Ramanah (Talmud 32). From the root RM -Rama, Roma, Egyptian Remet- freeing, the free ones). The 3rd most commun name is Al-Rahim (The Merciful), while Al-Malik (The Sovereign) must be related to Moloch/Melek an old Hebrew word for king. Malik is also the hell-keeper. ”Assalam-U-Alaikum” is a salutation (May Peace be with you), not to be said to infidels.

Alms: Originally financial help for poor Muslims. Obligatory delivery from the Muslims to support Jihad, usually donated to the mosque, often also collected by professional protection money collectors.

Ansar (Arab. helper): Arab name for Muslims who came to Islam in Medina, who helped Mohammed after his excerpt from Mecca in the year 622. Ansar al-Islam means therefore “the helpers of Islam”. Up-to-date the term designates also groups of terror (among other things in the north Iraq) and in mosques organized associations for the support of networks of terror. See Hijra.

Apostasy (Arab.Murtad): Public break with Islam, a death-worthy crime, occasionally also name for different theological opinions within Islam. See Hanif.

Appeasement: Appeasement first mean the fatal British appeasement politics between 1935-1939 led by Neuville Chamberlain sacrifying Poland to the Nazis, which must be a lesson to everyone with some knowledge of history, in respect to Mohammedanism. With Hitler one led so long the “intercultural dialogue”, until it was too late. Not only because of the Iranian Mohammedanism wannabe atomic bombers of urgent actuality. –”Muslims use deception to trick their opponents. Appeasements, compromises and concessions towards Muslims are lethal. We can’t negotiate with Muslims. Their treaties and their words are worthless. Guided by the examples set by their prophet in Hudaibiyyah, they will break their treaties as soon as they gain the upper hand. Muslims use treaties and negotiations just to buy time” (Ali Sina). Read Quran 9.01-4 (Chr.113th)! –”Appeasement is like feeding a crocodile hoping to be eaten last” (Winston Churchill). See Hudna, Kitman and Taqqiya.

Arabic: Believed by Muslims to be the ‘language of God’ but the plain truth is that the Arabic alphabet was invented by the Nabateans around 300AD, from the same Aramaic branch which gave us earlier Jewish and Syriac scripts. It is thus a very recent language emerging about the same time as Western Gothic (which alphabet was created by monk Wulfilas also from Syriac). More so, the faithful form of archaic Arabic is found in Ethiopia, not at all in the Aramaic form written in Arabia. The earliest evidence of this Aramaic branch is an inscription dated 512AD, thus almost contemporary with Muhammad… See Arabic (Scripts and Understanding) and Qur’an Perfect Arabic.

Arabic numerals: It’s name in Arabic, Rakmû’l-Hindî, betrays their real Indian origin, contrary to the assumption that they are indeed Arabic. These numbers are even written from left to right, in the Indo-European fashion, unlike the Semitic scripts. See Zero.

Arabic (scripts): We simply do not possess any manuscript of the qur’an, written in the original Meccan/Medina script (al-Mayil or ’slanting’) prior to 790, now hosted in the British Museum. The other two oldest manuscripts in our possession (the Samarqand/Topkapi Codices) written in kufi script (al-Khatt al-Kufi) came from about the same period. The now ‘classic’ Arabic script (al-Naskh or ‘inspirational’) earliest manuscript was written in Baghdad (1001AD) by Ibn al-Bawwad, now in the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland. See Qur’an Perfect Arabic.

Arabic (understanding): Among the favorite line of defense of Muslims is that the Qur’an can only be properly understood in its original Arabic. Thus all translations are unreliable, not authoritative. This line of defense is self destructing: Original quranic Arab was without punctuations, dots or vowels which HAD to be added for proper understanding, a finger to its divine clarity. Furthermore, translations were always soften so to be more acceptable to a general audience, like the -lightly- added to 4.34 allowing to beat one’s wife. See Fight.

Atheist: Lowest stage of human existence, comparable with animals. To be slaughter…

Attack: Said of a military action directed against Islam, Islamic dominated countries or sheltered interests. Military actions from Muslims, also on expansion aligned, are never attacks, but always separate defenses. Mere criticism will be considered like military attacks. See Criticism, Cultic mentality, Offensive, Oppression, Narcissism, Mohammed (Mental Health) and Paranoia.

Ayatollah: Religious leader of the Shiites, whose instructions are to be unconditionally obeyed.

Azzan: The loud call for each of the five daily prayers. Otherwise noise pollution. See Friday Prayers.

Bad: Under the spell of Islam, its hypnotic power, Muslim’s ethic is but tribalistic and follow the old endogamous principle saying that ”out of the tribe (good) there’s only perdition (bad).” Think of the tribe as a cruiser on which you’re sailing in the middle of the sea. Comes a storm rocking the boat. Are you gonna leave the cruiser for that much? Never, unless it’s sinking and you have no choice left. On the contrary, you’ll fear the sea (the unknown) more than ever and stick like hell to your comfort zone (your belief or tribe). In my allegory, the sea is the fear that has to be tamed by knowing yourself.

Believers: Only applying to Mohammedans as only they are true believers. Found altogether in all belief systems which then become striving and struggling against all others in so-called religious wars. See Cultic Mentality, Narcissism, Righteousness and Semitic Religions.

Bible: A book falsified by the Christians and Jews according to Muslims. The accusation of corruption is not found in the Qur’an, which rather eulogize it: in 43.3 (Chr.63th), the Quran duly states it is itself an outgrow (an Arabic version of the -clear and evident- Book mentionned in the preceeding verse! These accusations (of corruption) first came through Ibn Khazem, in 1064, few decennies before the 1st crusade! See: Christian, Dhimmi and People of the Book.

Bid’ah: Bid’ah is taken from the word Al-Bada’ meaning to create something without precedence. One needs to distinguish between the two kinds of bid’ah. The first type is innovation in matters of the world in technology, medicine, computers, etc. which is allowed. The second kind is innovation in matters of religion and, on this matter, Islam is completely intolerant and repressive. See Innovation.

Bride price: Sum of money and/or monetary values of advantages, which the father of a bride receives, that is if the hymen of the bride is intact. See Honor Killings, Slavery, Virgins and Woman.

Burqa (or Burka): Parachute-like cape with barred sight for women. Mainly in Asiatic Islamic countries. See Dogs, Hijab, Pubic hair, Tchador, Veil, Woman.

Caliph (Caliphate): See Khalif and Khalifat.

Cartoons: Devilish way brought by Satan to tarnished the grandeur of Islam. See Freedom of Speech.

Ceasefire: Since the Qur’an is a timeless war declaration to the rest of the world, in its entirety, any break in hostility is temporary and part of a global warring strategy. See Agreement, Appeasement, Hudna, Kitman and Taqqiya.

Censure: Any ‘oppression’ to the God-given rights of Muslims to propagate Islam the way it should be, i.e. violently. See Corruption, Criticism, Discrimination, Oppression (etc).

Christians: Mere idolators for worshipping a man as divine, but what about Mohammed? Truth is that he is but idolized and that in many quranic verses, Jesus is ranked as the son of Allah! –”We will break up the cross, spill the liquor and impose head tax, then the only thing acceptable is a conversion or the sword” Mujahedeen Shura Council. See Dhimmi, Jesus, Jizhya and People of the Book.

Circular argument: Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah because the Quran says so; Allah is the author of the Qur’an because Muhammad said so. No evidences whatsoever, apart from blind belief, do underline any truth in these premises. From that on, we get into Logical fallacy, False Dilemma and Petitio Principii. Pushing the reasoning further will get Muslims engaged in more fallacies like Tu-Quoque (you too) and Argumentum ad Hominem. See Cognitive Dissonance and Fallacies.

Civilians: There is no such word in the Legal code of Islam (Sharia) and all Muslims are conscripted by Allah. In Lebanon and in the Gaza Strip civilians were used as protective shields. Muslims are the ‘Army’ of Allah carrying their God-given mission to defeat Shaytan: all means justifying the end. See Islam, Sharia and Ummah.

Clash (of civilisations): Title of a book written by Samuel Huntington, in which he states that a violent clash between the values of Islam and those of the West is inevitable. –”The final battle will not necessarily be between Islam and the West, but between those who value freedom and those who don’t” (Ibn Warraq). –”It’s a clash between freedom and oppression, between democracy and dictatopship. It is a clash between those who treat women as beasts, and those who threat them like human beings” (Wafa Sultan).

Cognitive dissonance: Occurs when one has to accomodate new ideas, facing discrepancies between what one believes to be true and new informations challenging this belief.

Collateral damage: Mostly refers to victims under the human shields of the Hezbollah; it can be never used, in order to describe the death of civilians in Israel. Usual Islamic double standard.

Corruption: Anything spoiling the tenets of Islam, like freedom of thoughts or individual freedom, which is the greatest corruption as far as Islam is concerned. Infidels are corrupted by definition.

Criticism: Not allowed in Islam nor in the Qur’an, neither by religious leaders nor by Muhammad who silenced all critics, including a mother of five kids named Asma, a poet (ibn Khatal) and a centenarian man, Abu Afak. Also Muslims aren’t allowed to critizise each other in presence of disbelievers to cause no fitna. –”Muslims genuinely believe that once they kill the critics of Islam the supremacy of Islam is established and the hujjat (evidence) is completed” (Ali Sina). See Fitna and Mischief.

Crusaders: Historical Christian conspiracy to outgrow Islam, utterly defeated in the Islamic dictionary. Muslims use the term to ridicule any attempt from the West to ‘convert’ them to modernity: –”We announce the good news to our Islamic nation that we executed God’s will and slaughtered the two crusader animals we had in captivity.” Mujahedeen Shura Council, CNN June 20, 2006.

Crusades: What prompted the Crusades are never mentioned in Islamic debates. For in 1009 A.D. the Fatimid Caliph Hakim had ordered the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and for almost a century the Muslims steadily made encroachments on the Christian presence in, and access to, what was for Western Christendom the Holy Land. And there were, for a thousand years, until the 19th century, a constant series of Muslim raiding-parties that came by sea, and attacked the coastal villages throughout Europe, as far as Ireland up to Iceland. Villages were razed, and many villagers killed, and a million European Christians were kidnapped, brought back to dar al-Islam, enslaved, and often forcibly converted. The Crusades have to be understood in their full context.

Cultic mentality: Sectarian groups usually centered around a charismatic but despotic leader (Jim Jones, David Koresch, Joseph Smith, Warren Jeffs, etc), who see that its flock strives against the world (Us vs Them), isolated by the belief that only they hold the truth. –”Not all the brainwashed followers of Asahara committed terrorism. But all of them were ready to do whatever their guru told them. (…) They all posed a potential danger to society. The same applies to Muslims” (Ali Sina). In its most spectacular expansions, the cultic mentality brought Fascism (Mussolini, Franco, Hitler) and also Communism (Lenin, Stalin). See Narcissism, Paranoia, Prophet and Semitic Religions.

Culture: The way of life required for ruling by the Muslims. Islam does not accept, in principle, any specific culture to subsist as it is based on Arabic imperialism: ”Islam does not have a culture. What you mistake as Islamic culture is the culture of the civilized countries that Islam subdued. That culture is destroyed now. Is there any reference to Algebra, Chemistry, Astronomy, Architecture, Medicine or Philosophy in the Quran? Does Islam encourage poetry, sculpture, painting, dance or music? These are the foundations of any culture and Islam has nothing to do with them” (Ali Sina). See Islamic (Golden Age).

Dajjal (Turkish Deccal): One-eyed devil, comparable to the Christian anti-Christ. Followers of the Dajjal show themselves easily by their consumption’s habits. Quoting Abu Dawud 3.37.4302: ”No prophet was sent who had not warned his people about one eyed liar. Beware! He will be one–eyed, but your Lord the Exalted, is not one–eyed. Between his eyes will be written “Infidel” (Kafir). The last Dajjal (out of 30 or so) will be the apocalyptic Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal (anti-Christ). See Idolatry, Mahdi, Shaytan and Superstition.

Dar-al-Harb (or Dar’ul Harb -arab. House of War): All countries and areas, in which Muslims do not have the power yet. In Islam the world is uncompromisingly divided between dar al-Islam, the House of Islam, and dar al-Harb, the House of War, where Infidels have not yet been subjugated to Islam. “Islam is to dominate and not to be dominated” and eventually, all of the world, which belongs to Allah, will become part of dar al-Islam. The Jihad is the “struggle” to expand Islam, to create the conditions where Muslims may rule, and Islam may prevail. It has no end, until its goal is reached, whatever periods of quiescence must be observed because of lack of effective instruments or power. The deceptive ”Islam means Peace” is part of the Jihad. See Hudna, Jihad (2), Kitman, Peace, Taqiyya.

Dar-al-Islam (or Dar’ul Islam -arab. House of Peace): All countries in the present or in the past to be Islamic controlled. Therefore also Spain, the Balkans and Israel belong to dar-al-Islam. Whenever Muslims talk about Islam as peaceful, they really mean the entire world ruled by Allah, nothing less. Places or lands of infidels aren’t so pacified until they are ruled solely by the Sharia.

Dawa (Dawad or D’awa): Request to join Islam, last ultimatum before ‘legitimate” conquest by force.

Deliberate: Belittling of Islam which justify retaliations. See Narcissism (pathological), Paranoia.

Democracy: Western prevailing ”religion” associated with secularity and atheism. A democracy places the rule of people above Allah, the Qur’an and Sunnah, which is un-Islamic and contradicting 4.59 (-Chr.92-). Only an Islamic theocracy, run by mullahs and/or Imams, is a valuable form of government. –”Muslims are not only incapable, but also unwilling to have democracy. They are against freedom and the notion of equal rights for women offends them.”” (Ali Sina). More so, Q.18.26 (-Chr.69-) states that: ”He maketh none to share in His government.” See Khalifah and Sunnah.

Dhimmi: Humans of second class, primarily referring to the People of the Book, i.e. Jews and Christians. They enjoy a provisional lodging right under Islamic dominance, are however subordinated in their civil liberties of the arbitrariness of the Muslims. See Jizyah and People of the Book.

Dialogue: Communication with disbelievers, whereby neither Islam nor their theological basics may be criticized. Suitable means to the Dawa. See Fairness, Good, Goodness, Kindness and Taqiyya.

Diplomacy: In islam, those whom we call ‘Moderate Muslim’ and their ”Islam means Peace’ or ”This is not real Islam’. –”Just as terrorism is waged in one camp, the game of deception must be played in another. This is the diplomacy of Islam. Every country has a military arm and a diplomatic arm. Islam is a political movement and it needs both militancy and diplomacy” (Ali Sina). See Hudna, Kitman, Moderate & Muslims (western version) and Taqiyya.

Disadvantaged: To have the same rights as every other social group, and no more rights than the others, as that is entitled to a Muslim allegedly and as it stands in the Qur’an.

Disapproving: Nothing is more contrary to the Islamic mindset than: –”I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say so.” (Wrongly attributed to Voltaire as it was written by Beatrice Hall, under the pen-name of S.G. Tallentyre). From an Islamic perspective the quote would rather be: –”I disapprove of what you say, so I must silence your foolishness to say so.” See any difference? That’s the difference between Islam and the West. See Discrimination.

Disbelief: The one death-worthy unforgettable sin for Muslims. Allah allows disbelief so that he will take pleasure in tormenting unbelievers in the afterlife Q.6.112-113 (Chr.55th). Yet Allah is the ultimate responsable for disbelief Q.18.55 (Chr.69th); 61.5 (Chr.109th); 63.3 (Chr.104th). Should we sue Him for our condition? Who will be condemned in the Judgment Day? See: Kafir and Kufr.

Disbelievers (infidels): Generic term for all non-Muslims and all not-so-good Muslims, which only partly do practice their obligations (killing infidels). Shiites are also such miscreants for the Sunnites and vice-versa. See above items, Christian, Hypocrites, Jew, Moderate Muslim, Muslim (western version).

Discrimination: Ignoring Muslim claims to power in any of its form. The Danish cartoons were so discriminatory, but for Muslims beheading infidels is not discriminatory! –”In the end a fundamental decision must be made: do we want to live in a free society or not? (…) People must be protected from discrimination by virtue of their race, but you cannot ring-fence their ideas.” (Salman Rushdie).

Divorce: Women can be divorced by threefold expressing: ”talaq”, a perpetual threat over them all. To contest it women must bring her case to the Kadi (or Qadi, Islamic court), which decides only according to experience with very serious obligation injuries (do not strike belonged to it) in favor of the woman. If the wife ask for divorce it is way tougher and, if accorded, she must pay back the dowry! See Dogs, Fairness, Hijab, Slavery, Tchador, Veil, Woman.

Diya (Blood money): To be paid to the relatives of the murder victim to avoid a punishment because of murder. For murdered Dhimmies needs to be paid only half of the price as as for a Muslim. In Saudi Arabia, a Muslimah’s live worth half then that of a Muslim. At the lowest is a polytheist woman.

Dogs: Repulsive animals for Muslims, maybe because they alerted the caravaner’s Muslims intended to attack. A prayer is voided if a dog, a monkey or a woman happens to pass by Muslims while they are praying. –”I care not much for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better of it” (Abraham Lincoln). Islam recognizes dogs, pigs and infidels as filthy and impure, but women hardly escape this definition as any decent Muslim should wash himself after touching one of them Q.4.43 (Chr.92th), 5.6 (Chr.112th). See Bukhari v4.539-540, Sahih Muslim 3.3813; Kafir, Najis and Woman.

Double Standard: Normal Islamic behavior code. See Equal rights and Golden Rule.

Eid (Id): Islamic festivals. Eid’ul Adha (ending of Hajj) and Eid’ul Fitr (ending the Ramadan). Another one being the Eid’ul Hijra. See Five Pillars, Hajj, Halal (slaughtering), Hijra and Ramadan.

Equal rights: In Islam equal must be treated unequally and unequal treated equally. Since men and women are different, they must be treated also differently. Everyone gets, which it needs. Therefore the men stand over the women. Thus all Islamic laws, which suppress women’s rights allegedly, are in reality to their protection. That is the true equal rights. Thus Muhammad freed the women by enslaving them to his concept of pudor Q.24.31 (Chr.102th). See Hijab, Tchador, Veil, Woman.

Evolution: In islam, only understood as advancing backward. See Fideism.

Fairness: Only possible within the Islamic double standard. Fairness towards women is to treat them indiscriminately. The same applies for all unbelievers, then again also for those not-so-good (moderate, tepid) Muslims. See Golden Rule, Good and Goodness.

Faith: Since Islam is the only one true faith, converting to Islam is the sole option and all other possibilities are inconsiderate. See Fideism, God, Logic, One (God) and Semitic Religions.

Faith (declaration of -Arab Shahadah): Consciously or more thoughtlessly or utterance of some Arab words certified by a witness, which make one irrevocable Muslim, including children, whereby disbelieving relatives and marriage partner are disinherited immediately. See Shahadah.

Faith (liberty of): In Islam, the liberty to follow all Islamic regulations like killing those who abandoned Islam and anyone condemned by a fatwa, let alone killing infidels. See Fatwa.

Fallacies: Muslims’ favorite way to engage in debates. The most common one being the Tu-Quoque fallacy (you too), in which two wrongs make an Islamic right. Muslim spokesmen often attempt to convince an audience of infidels that Islam is a religion of “peace” and “tolerance.” This, nowadays, works less well than it used to, and if an audience shows signs of not being completely convinced, another tactic – that of Tu-Quoque – is attempted. Now these same spokesmen, who a minute before were all sweetness-and-light, begin to attack Christianity and Judaism for their own lack of “peace” and “tolerance.” Common others are: -Logical fallacies or a flaw in the structure of deductive argument; -Petitio Principii, or arguing in circle from a premise presupposing a conclusion; -Argumentum ad Hominem, or using personal attack to discredit the arguments of an opponent.

Fard: Arabic name given to the many things that are compulsery in Islam though not find in the Qur’an necesseraly. Many moderate Muslims ignore or dismiss all about it at their own risk, like their propension to observe lightly the Hadiths and Fiqh. See those words and Tafsir.

Fasting: Abstinence of meals, beverages, sex and luxuries of all kinds from sunrise to sunset in the fasting month Ramadan. All-nightly gluttony offers reconciliation. See Ramadan.

Fatwa: Religious legal decree, which regulates the details of the entire Islamic way of life. Also the murder call at Rushdie took place in form of a Fatwa. Osama Bin Laden’ Fatwa (23feb.1998): –”The ruling to kill Americans and their allies -civilians and military- is an individual duty for every Moslem who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do so (….) This is in accordance with the words of the almighty God: -fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God-” Another fatwa worthy of mention is the one signed (14Feb.1989) by Ayatollah Rushollah Khomeini against Salman Rushdie: –”I inform the proud Muslim people of the world that the author of the Satanic Verses book, which is against Islam, the prophet and the Qur’an, and all those involved in its publication who are aware of its content, are sentenced to death.” Killed were its Japanese publisher (Hitoshi Igarashi) and Norwegian (William Nygaard).

Fideism: Salvation by belief alone for the tribal holy Chosen ones, by confounding belief and faith. Theory stating that reason is foolish and must be subdued to ‘faith’ (i.e. belief system) at all cost by means of coertion. The basic problem of fideism is that it hijacks the spiritual -sublimation of the Ego- just to transfer it into a super-ego like a Church, a congregation or the Ummah, which then become idolized. In Islam, it was emphazised by al-Ghazali (1058-1111) recognized as the greatest Islamic theologian, like the fideists Augustine of Hippo and Tomas of Aquina for Christianity. The opposition to al-Ghazali came from Averroès for whom Islam was ”A religion for hogs..” Fideism leads to social stagnation ruled by superstitious fears through imposed ‘morality’. See Cultic Mentality, Fairness, Golden Rule, Good, Goodness, Idolatry, Paranoia, Semitic Religions and Superstition.

Fight: Deliberate mistranslation of the original quranic word Qatiloohum, which means KILL. From the Aramaic root QTL (qatal), deadly slain, murder. Qatal-e-aam = genocide; al-qatil= murderer. By extension of the root Qatal (9.5), qaaaatala came to mean fight (9.29), but not like fighting over an argument: it’s always related to blood and/or battle, like shown in 9.111. See References, fight.

Fiqh (Fiqah): Name given to the Islamic rules defining what is right or wrong. –”Islamic jurisprudence determining the way Muslims have to pray, fast, run their public and private life, do business, clean themselves, use the toilet and even copulate” (Ali Sina). See Fard, Halal, Haram, Sharia and Tafsir.

Fitna (Fitnah, splitting): Any ‘injustice’ obstructing the imposition of the Islamic order. –”The word in the Qur’an, often translated into oppression and injustice, is fitnah (Q. 2:193, Chr.87th). According to Muhammad those who opposed him were making fitnah. So, whenever Muslims complain of oppression, they mean opposition to Islam” (Ali Sina). Attempts by the devil to create disagreement among Muslims so that the spreading of Islam is obstructed. Also all external influences upon Islam. –“And KILL them until there is no more Fitnah” (disbelief/worshipping other gods) Q.2:193 (Chr.87th). See Fight, Mischief, Oppression and Shirk.

Five Pillars of Islam: They are: 1. The Shahadah; 2. Salat (five daily prayers); 3. Zakat (giving to charity); 4. Saum (fasting the Ramadan); 5. Making the Hajj. See Hajj, Ramadan and Shahadah.

Free: In Islam to be free means to be utterly erring and thus subject to the required punishments (most likely death): –”The nobility of man is in his freedom. When you take away the freedom of someone you take away his nobility. The worst slavery is the slavery of mind. You can be in fetters but if you are the owner of your thoughts you are a free man. (…) Muhammad took that nobility away. He said humans are slaves” (Ali Sina). See Free Will and Semitic Religions.

Free Will (in Islam): There is no such thing as Free Will in Islam as per Q.10.100 (Chr.51th): –”It is not for any soul to believe save by the permission of Allah. He hath set uncleanness upon those who have no sense”; and also Q.76-29-31 (Chr.98th): –”Lo! this is an Admonishment, that whosoever will may choose a way unto his Lord. Yet ye will not, unless Allah willeth. Lo! Allah is Knower, Wise. He maketh whom He will to enter His mercy, and for evil-doers hath prepared a painful doom.” Of course, this means that Allah’s test on earth is coucou from the first. See Life (human) and Logic.

Freedom: The right of Muslims to carry any means for their faith propagation, from taqqiya to terror (tv beheading shows, killing apostates and critics). ”In the Muslims’ eyes, assassination, raiding, looting, raping and even genocide are not evil and immoral acts when the victims are non-Muslims. However, freedom of thought is an evil thing that has to be eradicated.” (Ali Sina).

Freedom (of speech and of thought): Western terrorism, along with feminism and democracy. ”The moment you say that any idea system is sacred, whether it is a belief system or a secular ideology, the moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision or contempt, freedom of thoughts become impossible” (Salman Rushdie). See Offense, Offensing, Oppression.

Friday prayer (arab.: khutba): Polemical speech which requests to fight the disbelievers. Muslims’ riots usually occur right after some of those ‘religious’ reunions. See Azzan and Mosque.

Friendship: Forbidden with disbelievers (except for deceiving purpose) and with women. See Good, Hudna, Kitman, Taqiyya.

Gazwa (Ghaswa, Qazwa): Name given to the 78 raids in which Mohammed himself participated. The proper translation for Gazwa is raid not battle or ‘defensive war’ as Muslims like to serenade us. Most of these raids were done by ambushes in treacherous ways and have nothing to do with a fair battle as we figure. Thus, Muhammed could summarize his tactics by: ”War is a game of deception.” This is the kind of war, through treachery and deception, that Muslims are now carrying in the West by posing as oppressed and persecuted! See Fitna, Hudna, Kitman, Oppression, Sariya and Taqiyya.

Genocide: There is no such thing in Islam, only Jihad which is holy. Sacred genocide is a godly duty also found in the Jewish Tanack (Christian Old Testament), especially central in the Book of Josuah. See Golden Rule, Idolatry and Semitic Religions.

God (s): Supernatural entities not limited by human physic and/or understanding. Though reputedly infinite, Semitic religions as a rule tend to put a patriarcal endogamous copyright over G-d. –”As to the Gods, I have no means of knowing either that they exist or do not exist. Man is the measure of all things” (Protagoras, ~485/~411). –”A crime against God is an impossibility” (Robert G. Ingersoll). Anthropologically, an anthropomorphic creator god would be the patriarcal substitute for the female womb, precedently workshiped. See Idolatry and Semitic Religions.

Golden Rule: ‘Don’t do unto others what you wouldn’t like to be done unto yourself’ only exist in an endogamous form in Islam. Since unbelievers aren’t recognized as worthy person, or as second class citizens, they are not subject to any fairness. Rape, slavery as right-hand possessions, to proselyte in violent ways, outright lies to trap infidels, are all eulogized by Muhammad and the Qur’an. –”In our opinion, the greatest failure of organized religion is its historical inability to convince their followers that the Ethic of Reciprocity applies to all humans, not merely to fellow believers. It is our belief that religions should stress that their membership use their Ethic of reciprocity when dealing with persons of other religions, the other gender, other races, other sexual orientations, etc. Only when this is accomplished will religiously-related oppression, mass murder and genocide cease.” See References:

Good: To be good for a Muslim is to submit to Allah’s will and then follow the ‘right’ path established by the examples set by the Prophet, and as such being good could mean to kill you. Good deeds are plainly not recognised by Allah as shown in Q.18.104-105 (Chr.69th): ”Those whose effort goeth astray in the life of the world, and yet they reckon that they do good work. Those are they who disbelieve in the revelations of their Lord and in the meeting with Him. Therefore their works are vain, and on the Day of Resurrection We assign no weight to them.” See Fideism and Semitic Religions.

Goodness: Natural human propension to be and act good otherwise hijacked in the tribal mentality. –”Good for a Muslim is not the same thing as it is for you. Good is what Muhammad enjoined them to do. Read the Quran to see what he enjoined. He enjoined them to kill you, to rape your wife and to enslave your children. This is the interpretation of good in the Islamic dictionary” (Ali Sina). See Cultic Mentality, Fideism and Kindness.

Hadiths (ahadiths): Mohammed’s lifestories recognized as authentics: they do establish the perfect examples set by the Prophet, to be followed by all true Muslims though there were none before a hundred and fifty years after the death of Mohammed. Still to reject the Hadiths, as many western Muslims dare to do, is definitively heretical by all Islamic standards. Example of Hadith: ”The Prophet ordered for some iron pieces to be made red hot, and their eyes were branded with them and their hands and feet were cut off and were not cauterized. Then they were put in a place called al-Harra, and when they asked for water to drink they were not given till they died” (Bukhari v8, b82n796). Those heretics, disbelievers or doubters of Hadiths, are named Munkareen al-Hadith and should be killed. See Hypocrites, Islam (history), Moderate Muslims, Mohammed (historical), etc.

Hafiz: Holy fellow Muslims, saints. Mainly said of those who learned by heart the Quran in Arabic, which understanding is not required. This is about as ’spiritual’ as Islam can allow…

Hajj (or Hadj): Pilgrimage to Mecca that each Muslim should make once in his lifetime, if possible. Include strange rituals like stoning the devil, in which hundreds of pilgrims die each year and the much bloody ’sacrifices’ of around 700,000 animals to please Allah, in the same way used to sacrifice people like Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Kim Sun-Il, young Christian girls in Indonesia, etc.

Halal: What is permitted if not mandatory (e.g. honor murders, taqqiya, breach of contract), performing something as ”ritually pure” as killing apostates and infidels. Not to be confused with cleanliness and fiqh. In addition cutting throats of cattle, including defenceless hostages and critics -while fully conscious so that they bleed painfully. ”Muslims think that anyone who opposes Islam is creating disorder. Therefore his blood is halal (rightful)” (Ali Sina). See Good and Goodness.

Halal (slaughter): Cutting the throats of hoof animals and of Islam critics by means of a sometimes blunt or rusty measurer, preferably in the midday heat one expenditure bleeds until the run out blood dries and unpleasant smells come out. Only then the sacrificial animal can be supplied to the consumption. Around 700,000 animals are so sacrificed in Mecca alone. Meanwhile, a Brigitte Bardot was twice heavily fined as she openly protested against this cruelty. See Theo van Gogh.

Hanif: Pejorative expression used by the Meccans to talk about the freethinkers of their time, those who rejected their polytheism, branding themselves as somehow ‘Apostates (quiters) of idolatry”. Many quranic verses talk about Ibrahim (Abraham) the Hanif. Muslims took over this expression and made it highly qualitative while still killing their own apostates and freethinkers. In their bloody expansion, Muslims spared the city of Harran (658) and recognized them as ‘Hanifs’. It is also through this Hanif sparing that the obligation to kill Hindus was levelled… for practical (taxes) reasons, not humanitarians nor in conformity with any Islamic standard. See Idolatry and One (God).

Happiness: There is no possible human happiness out of Islam, nor out of submission to Allah. To pretend or act otherwise is dead-worthy. That sure makes the mullahs/imams quite happy indeed. See Cultic Mentality, Fideism, Golden Rule and Love.

Haram: What Islam forbade e.g. alcohol, pork, standing up with the left foot, entering in the toilet with the right foot, defecating while facing Mecca, cleaning your buttom with the right hand, being genuinely friends with acursed Jews, Christians, idolators, atheists, homosexuals, women, etc. See Fard, Fiqh, Fitna, Sharia and Tafsir.

Hate-preacher: Islamophobe politicians, journalists and authors; Islam-critical articles and lectures. See Islamophobia, Narcissism (pathological) and Paranoia.

Hatred: Basic profession of faith found in the holy Qur’an: –”… Lo! we are guiltless of you and all that ye worship beside Allah. We have done with you. And there hath arisen between us and you hostility and hate for ever until ye believe in Allah only” Q.60.4 (Chr.91.4th). –’Hatred ever kills, love never dies. Such is the vast difference between the two. What is obtained by love is retained for all time. What is obtained by hatred proves a burden in reality for it increased hatred” (M. Gandhi).

Hijab: A scarf covering Muslimahs’ hairs. The most libertarian way a woman must be veiled and found mainly in western countries. More Islamic is the niqab, or thador, covering the whole body except the eyes. In perfect Islamic ‘paradise’, women should wear the burqa whenever they are allowed to walk out. See Pubic hair, Tchador, Veil and Woman. Also Q.24.31 (Chr.102th).

Hijra: Name given to the exile (exodus) of the Prophet from Mecca (Bakka) to Medina in 622AD. This event became the first year (1AH) of the Muslim’s calendar. Our 2007AD is their AH1385.

Honor Killings: The ‘right’ of a family to wash its spoiled ‘honor’ by the ‘misconduct’ of a daughter. This misbeheaving includes being rape, thus loosing her hymen to a stranger, among the most horrible thing possible in an Islamic mindset. Refusing to engage into an arrange marriage is also such a dishonour. Said not to be Islamic by western apologists only, but understood by Muslims as the correct application of many quranic verses: Q.24.31 (Chr.102th); 33.32-36 59 (Chr.90th); 65.1-6 (Chr.95th); 66.5 (Chr107th) and 4.34 (Chr.92th): ”Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them.” See Marriage, Marriageable, Virgins, Woman.

Houris: Name given in the Qur’an to the eternal virgins awaiting the faithful Muslims in the afterlife. Most likely coming from the Hindu Apsaras or heavenly entertainers. Their numbers aren’t specified in the Qur’an and the hadiths have huge divergences on it as to their nature. See Virgin.

Hudd punishments (huddud): Archaic punishments by the Kadi (or Qadi, Islamic court) to be imposed among them as nice things as whipping, hand amputations, beheadings and stonings. See Sharia.

Hudna: Strictly speaking it designates a weapon break for tactical reasons. Origin and meaning of the “Hudna” are deeply rooted within the Muslim tradition: In the year 628AD, when it appeared that the troops of Muhammad were too weak the prophet closed a ten-year weapon break with the Quraysh. Two years later though it was broken unilaterely to strike the Quraysh and Muhammad entered in Mecca. Since that time the term “Hudna” designates a strategic cessation of hostilities, which has alone the sense of a force misalignment. A “Hudna” can be interrupted then, as soon as this force misalignment is smoothed finally and the way for a Muslim victory is foreseen. See Taqqiya.

Human beings: In Islam, either the Slaves of Allah or unworthy to be called fellow humans. People like Daniel Pearl and Theo van Gogh were slaughter in a sacrificial, ritual, halal way, just like beasts.

Human rights: Islamic countries made their own Declaration of Human Rights which underlined Islamic supremacy in the context of the Sharia. The killing of an apostate is equivalent to retaining the human rights. ”This Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights not only hampers the rights of women, it also denies the rights of non-Muslims and disregards their freedom of expression and freedom of religion and belief” (Ali Sina). See Rights.

Hygiene: Cleaning the ass after relieving with the left hand by ways of water, pebbles or sand. Paper is not permitted as per the example of the Prophet. See Fiqh, Halal and Haram.

Hypocrites: In Islam, not only are they hypocrites those who refuse Allah, the miscreants and unbelievers (Q.4.61) but also those who refuse to kill for Him Q.4.66 , 4.74, 4.88 (Chr.92th), i.e. the so-called Moderate Muslims. It is made clear in Q.4.150-151: ”Lo! those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, and seek to make distinction between Allah and His messengers, and say: We believe in some and disbelieve in others, and seek to choose a way in between; Such are disbelievers in truth; and for disbelievers We prepare a shameful doom.” This is may be why apologists never dare to disavow terrorists, except for deceiving purpose. See Moderate and Muslims (western version).

Idolatry: In the Muslim’s mindset every worship except that of Allah. –”What idolatry is greater than worshipping the fantasies of a mentally deranged man?” (Ali Sina). In Semitic religions idolatry is related to the incorporation of G-d through some sacred books hold to represent The Truth, ‘His’ Words or Laws. –”It is not only pictures in stone and wood that are idols. Words can become idols (…) and God has become an idol for many… Is it not time to cease to argue about God and instead to unite in the unmasking of contemporary forms of idolatry?” (Erich Fromm. Psychoanalysis and Religion). See Ahmad, God(s), Fideism, Prophet, Semitic Religions, Shirk and Superstition.

Ignorance (Jahiliya): Said of pre-Islamic Arabia but then extended to all infidel’s countries. Ignorance here means either disbelief or genuine unknowledge of Allah. See Innocence.

Ijtihad: Scholarly inquiry of the Quran and Hadith to derive ruling on a specific issue. Study of Islamic holy texts in their applications. See Fard, Halal, Haram, Hudd, Sharia.

Imam (or mullah): Prayer leader in mosques, religious head, whom is entitled to absolute obedience. It’s sole qualification: to have mastered the Qur’an in Arabic. The difference between an imam and a mullah (Islamic scholar) isn’t that clear. In infidel territories (Dar al-Harb, ie. Place of War), do notice that any imam whatsoever is entitled to wage a Jihad or holy war on his own, without having to refer to any other hierarchical authority.

Innocent: It gives only among Muslims. All non-Muslims are guilty before Allah because of their erring faith. –”One unbeliever might be considered as ”innocent” until he is asked to profess Islam. In case of refusal, that person is no longer ”innocent” and must be killed or subdued. When they say Islam does not allow killing innocent people, they mean those who have not yet rejected Islam. Once you reject their d’awa you are no more innocent” (Ali Sina). See Attack, Criticism, Offensive (etc).

Innovation (-arab. bid’ah): Death-worthy crime, far from making Islam a modern philanthropic religion. As such even science is bid’ah if it contradicts any quranic statement (like the earth being flat), let alone any form of freethinking or individual conduct. See Muslims (western), Mutazilites and Sufis.

Integration: Gradual adjustment of the non-Muslims to Islamic rules and standards. The other way around is not considered. –”Muslims are not going to integrate. They are not going to adopt Western cultures and values. On the contrary, they want to destroy the democracies and establish their own barbaric way of life by force. (…) Muslims can only receive but they will not give back. To give back is un-Islamic” (Ali Sina). The riots over the Danish cartoons are a clear example of that.

Isa (Eesa): Name given to Jesus in the Qur’an. The etymology goes back to archaic Phoenician sun god called IES (I for One and ES for Light), IHS for Bacchus and our YES! Both Joshua and Yeshua share it. Prior to the introduction of Osiris in Egypt (~2000), IUSA was also an attribute of Horus as: ”The Ever Becoming Son of Ptah” (the divine father). Sanskrit has Isa for an attribute of Shiva (as Lord) but also of Ye’zeus meaning: ”Of Divine Essence.” Yasuu would be the proper Arabic name for Jesus. The Qur’an constantly borrowed proper names. See Arabic, Jesus and Qur’an (Perfect Arabic).

Islam: Totalitarian ideology propounding Arabic imperialism, based on the alleged teachings of Mohammed, which determines the entire social, political and legal life of the Muslims and the non-Muslims dominated by them. The use of the name Islam is quite recent, before it was labelled al-imanu (The Belief). Al-imanu is mentionned hundreds of times in the Qur’an while Islam is only written eight times related to its political entity. –”Rejecting Islam is insulting God. We will not allow God to be humiliated.” (Abdul Raoulf, case of Abdul Rahman a Christian convert from Islam). See Bid’ah, Mohammedan, Mohammedanism, Muslim.

Islam (history): We simply have no internal testimonies of anything related to Islam before -692AD- and no manuscripts at all (Qur’an or Hadiths) before around 800AD. We have none of the alleged texts from Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, Abu Musa, Zaid ibn Thabit or Ubayy bin Ka’b, not even an original of the alleged ‘Uthmaic Recension.’ The disintegrated argument doesn’t stand since we have plenty of documents, lest important, prior to that. The more time elapsed, the more knowledge of Mohammed we have! For example, al-Wakidi (d.950) gives many informations ignored by Ibn Hisham (d.834). Al-Bukhari, it is said, kept 7397 Hadiths over 600,000 meaning that 592,603 of them (99%) were false and so scraped. Where did those 600,000 Hadiths came from? Who told al-Bukhari which ones were correct, and why? But, without the Hadiths, the Qur’an stands as an atoll in the Pacific! The very name of Mohammed is only mentionned 4 times therein! See Mecca and Mohammed (historical).

Islam (the name): Comes from an expression found in a Samaritan pre-Islamic sacred book entitled ”Memar Marqua”: SLM for aslama, Peace bearer, which carries the idea of peace through abandon, resignation towards the fate of destiny. In Islam fate of destiny became personified by Allah, thus its name means fatalistic submission (slavery) to God and to all His edicts and commands.

Islam (science): Study of Hadiths, Fatwas, furthermore defense and reviling of text-critical of Quranic exegese. Islamic science is an oxymoron as there is no Hindu, Buddhist or Christian ’science’. Nobel prized Islamic scientists are just as few as rain in the desert. So long as it condemns rational enquiery and doubts, like innovations contradicting the Quran, Islam will be miserable, fatalistic and thus utterly stagnant. A swamp far from a running, lively, spiritual river. See Madrassa and Training.

Islamic conspiracy theories: Under the ignorance (Jahiliya) of many Muslims of western culture and the reasons for their superiority in relation to Islam, Islam developed different theories explaining this superiority, which have only one explanation: That Islam was deceived by the west in malicious way about its cultural superiority. Therefore Muslims by all force must strike back and fight non-Muslims (see Kafir, Kufr) and their culture to the core. Possible Muslim victims are about to be regarded as collateral damage. The aim of these conspiracy theories is to unify the Muslims and to strenghten them in the war against the west, however not an intellectual catharsis, at which end the self realization over the inadequacies of islamic cultures and their overcoming stands. See Mohammed (mental health), Narcissism, Paranoia and Superstition.

Islamic Golden Age: Plain facts are tough on Muslims’ allegations that, in medieval times, their scientists brought enlightenment to the West. Not that they didn’t bring major contributions, but these had nothing to do with Islam. On the contrary: Ibn Rushd and Jabir ibn Haiyan rejected the Qur’an as a purely Muhammad’s creation; Omar Khayyan was a Sufi heretic; Musa al-Khawarizmi a Zoroastrian; Ibn Sina (Avicenna) an agnostic, while Rhazes wrote: –”These billy-goats (prophets) pretend to come with a message from God, all the while exhausting themselves in spouting their lies, and imposing on the masses blind obedience”; Jabir ibn Haiyan was rather an alchimist than a chemist; Susratha (~400) is the father of modern surgery and not Abu al-Qusim al-Zahsawi; By ~250, Eratosthenes of Cyrene was the first to measure the earth’s circumference and not Abu Raihan al-Bimm. More so, Averroès labelled Islam as ”a religion for hogs.” See Culture and Fideism.

Islamist (militant): Western invention to cause internal dissentions. See Fitna, Mischief, Moderate Muslims, Muslims (western version) and Terrorism.

Islamo-fascism: Like Nazism was a National-Socialism, Islam is such a Religious-Socialism since its Khalifat is meant to be imposed worldwide, including its lifestyle, through forced conversion.

Islamophobia: All activities directed against Allah’s will of spreading Islam by all means. Intended to pinpoint that any criticism of Islam comes from a disturbed mind, a deranged person, stupid and cretinous; someone worthy of being treated for mental illness.

Jesus (Eesa for Isa): Says the Qur’an Jesus, son of Myriam the sister of Aaron (and part of the Trinity), escaped crucifixion by the Grace of Allah. Muslims like taxing Christians of polytheism or even idolatry by ascribing a son to God but they should check their own sacred book since plenty of verses underline that Jesus was indeed the son of Allah: 39.4-5 (Chr.59th); 46.9 (Chr.66th); 21.91 (Chr.73th); 2.116-117 (Chr.87th); 66.12 (Chr.107th). Verses 81.19-20 (Chr.7th) say that Jesus always existed (laqawluss, quwwatin AAinda) and that he is one with God (MutaAAin 81.21). In 3.59 (Chr.89th) again Jesus wasn’t begotten (inna mathala AAinda) as he always existed, emphasized in 6.101 (Chr.55th) (BadeeAAu). In 57.27 (Chr.94th), Jesus is even proclaimed the Creator of the Universe!
Arabic example:
6.101: BadeeAAu alssamawati waal-ardi anna yakoonu lahu waladun walam takun lahu sahibatun wakhalaqa kulla shay-in wahuwa bikulli shay-in AAaleemun (-Originator (of) the heavens and the earth, that He has certainly been his Son, and not to be certainly his companion, and He created every thing that He will, and He on account of every thing that he will who knows-). This verse says, the Son (i.e. Jesus Christ) is shown to have created the heavens and the earth. The root “bada’a” and its three derivatives (which includes “badeeAAu”) all pertain to Jesus Christ in the Qur’an. Each and every single time as in 6.101 (Chr.55th); 46.9 (Chr.66th); 2.117 (Chr.87th); 57.27 (Chr.94th). Thus, the authors give full credit to Jesus, the self-existing Son, for creating the known Universe…
2nd Arabic example:
2.117???? ?????? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ????? ???? ?? ?? ????? :
2.116: Waqaloo itakhatha Allahu waladan subhanahu bal lahu ma fee alssamawati waal-ardi kullun lahu qanitoona. 2.117:BadeeAAu alssamawati waal-ardi wa-itha qada amran fa-innama yaqoolu lahu kun fayakoonu (And they said: Allah he has taken a Son, glory be to Him, much more certainly His, that which (is) in the heavens and the earth, all are certainly obedient unto Him. (2.117) -Originator (of) the heavens and the earth and when commanded entirely by (the) Word, so only certainly Him, He says: “Be thou.” so (it) is.

Jew: Descend from pigs and apes. Muslim resurrection will only happened when they are wholly exterminated, chased out of every tree where they might be hidding Q.7.166 (Chr.39th). See Dhimmi, Jizyah, People of the Book and Zionists.

Jihad (also Djihad: to carry out for effort): All military and non-military means, to be used for the expansion of the Islam. A comparison with the Christian Inquisition wouldn’t be too far off but each Muslim is obligated to the Jihad. In addition serve apart from martyr actions and ”defensive wars” also taqiyya and d’awa. A Jihad has four known phases: from deception and trickery (infiltration stade) to take social peace as hostage in exchange for concessions; then to create expanding Islamic inlands, up to the decisive violent overtaking of government. This has evident parallels with a metastasing cancer. See Dar’al Harb, Democracy and Khalifat.

Jihad (inner): Sometimes called the ‘Greater’ Jihad. This concept only appeared like a century ago! Its purpose is really to give up any questionning or doubts, setting oneself into total submission, weeding out any personal motivation contrary to the precepts of Islam, like the natural propension not to kill anyone is he infidel, which goes against Qur’an dictums. The idea that ”Jihad” is primarily a “spiritual struggle” would cause laughter everywhere in the world’s mosques and madrasas. Yet, the same imam who gives a fiery speech about Jihad can show up at an Interfaith Rally and, with seemingly complete conviction, assure his Infidel audience that, of course, “Jihad” refers only to “a spiritual struggle.” See Kitman and Taqqiya.

Jizyah (Jizhya): Protection fee allowing Jews and Christians to keep their errness, although under humiliating conditions. The name for the head-tax under Islamic rule, extorted to the dhimmies. This must be handed over to the Mohammedans in obsequious way (sometimes under acceptance of impacts on the necks). Welfare benefits and cash allowances to Mohammedans are often regarded as the jizhya which has to be given to them. See Dhimmi, People of the Book.

Kaaba: Already in before Islamic time. Home of Allah during the Hajj where Muslims circumvulate seven times around a holy black stone (probably a meteorite) shown through a vulva kind of transparent glass. Built by Adam and then by Abraham (Ibrahim) with his rightful wife, Haggar, according to Islamic tradition.

Kadi (or Qadi): Islamic religious court, replaces civilian jurisdictions, pays attention at strict adherence to the Sharia.

Kafir (also Kaffir/Kuffar): From the root KFR: expiation for hiding or covering the truth. All infidels, People of the Book (dhimmis), Mushrikun (idolators) including extra-terrestrials from whatever planet (possible exception if from the moon). –”And the Christians are Kuffars [infidels], and you may say to yourself, “No, no, no, they’re innocent!” No kuffar is innocent” (Mujahedeen Shuna Council).’

Kasbah (Qasbah): Nominaly an Islamic fortress or walled city, sometimes a protected part of it (as a Medina). Etymologically related to the Khyber Pass and to the city of Khaybar (a Jewish fortress in Muhammad’s time). In the West, it came to mean Muslims’ quarters, usually places avoided by locals (especially women) but, as they grow, also by policemen, firemen, up to ambulances. Some western cities, like Malmo in Sweden, are turning into kasbahs.

Khalif (or Caliph): Khalifatu Rasul’il-lah, successor to the Messenger of God, deputy of the Prophet. Only legitimate ruler in any country ruled by Islam. But to Sunnis he must be from the Quraysh tribe like Muhammed, while for the Shias he has to belong to the Prophet’s family.

Khalifat (Caliphate): Q.2.28 (Chr.87th) states that Adam was the Khalifah (vicegerent) of the Almighty, so does Q.38.25 (idem) about David. Only Islamic legitimized rule form of government. Islam is basically looking out to establish the Khalifat worldwide. ”Where two Khalifahs have been set up, put the last of them to death for it is rebellious” saying accorded to Mohammed.

Khalifs (first caliphs): Neither Muhammad (570?-632?) nor Allah left directives for the Prophet’s temporal succession. As a consequence, it soon turned into bloody factions. Abu Bakr first replaced Muhammad but died shortly after (634). Umar (634-644) took over and started to invade neighboring countries, but was killed in Medina. Raging civil wars followed the accession of Caliph Uthman (644-656), supported by Aischa (favorite spouse of Muhammad) but contested by Ali ibn Abu Talib, cousin of the Prophet and husband of Fatima, Muhammad’s daughter, mainly over a dispute on his quranic recension and the destruction of many chapters. Ali won the first battle in 656 (said of the Camel) but lost the second in Siffin (658) to Muawiya who began the Umayyad dynasty (650-750) whose capital was in Damascus. Overthrown by Abu Abbas al-Saffah (Abbaside dynasty, 750/1258), which capital was Baghdad, constantly loosing ground to the emerging Turkish Seljukides. Lonely survivor of his family massacre, the Umayyad caliph al-Rahman escaped to Spain where his dynasty reigned until 1030, replaced by the Almoravid dynasty, itself overthrown by the Almohades by 1147.

Kitman: Kitman is close to Taqqiya (see it) but rather than outright dissimulation, it consists in telling only a part of the truth, with “mental reservation” justifying the omission of the rest. One example may suffice. When a Muslim maintains that “jihad” really means “a spiritual struggle” and fails to add that this definition is a recent one in Islam (little more than a century old), he misleads by holding back, and is practicing “kitman.” Another example would be the insistence of a Muslim apologist that, “of course”, there is freedom of conscience in Islam and then quoting that Qur’anic verse -“There shall be no compulsion in religion.” But the impression given will be false, for there has been no mention of the Muslim doctrine of abrogation, or naskh. See Hudna, both Jihad and Taqqiya.

Kindness: In Islam a sectarian behavior towards the Islamic Ummah, not to reciprocate otherwise. –”Kindness to Muslims will not be interpreted as a sign of goodness and friendship that needs to be reciprocated, but rather as a sign of weakness that must be paid with cruelty. Muslims think it is your duty to be good to them but they do not have to reciprocate because they are above the Golden Rule. Muslims are the only people that believe good and bad are relative and that they can do evil if the end justifies it. This makes Muslims very dangerous and unpredictable” (Ali Sina).

Kufr (disbelief): That which covers the truth. Disbelieving in the Quran or in any of the tenets of Islam. Statement that one does not believe in Allah and/or have doubts about the Quran, and/or doubts the Prophethood of Mohammed, and/or doubts the relevance of a lecture, and/or doubts whatever is usually believed. Allah punishes these deviationists with death but desperatly needs humans for that.

Liberty: For Muslims, what is permissible by the Sharia and Islamic regulations, from the cleaning duties to the liberty of violent subduing of infidels. For non-Muslims: the personal freedom given to them by the Muslims. See Jizyah, Theo van Gogh and Tolerance

Lie: ”Western” disparagement of a legitimate means for defense and for the protection and propagation of Islam. Otherwise, in Islam, the God-given task to fool infidels. See Agreement, Appeasement, Hudna, Kitman and Taqqiya.

Life (Human): The Muslims hold that human life is but a test from Allah to judge their faithfulness. Strange test indeed since it is coming from an omniscient, all-knowing divinity. Should the kafirs sue Allah for their blindness? –”If there is no free will then the test on earth is a farce and then Allah is unjust and arbitrary. And if hell exist, then Allah is simply cruel. If Allah is real then everything is His fault by definition” (THHuxley at FFI). See Believers, Good, Righteousness and Theo van Gogh.

Logic: Logical is everything which supports the position of Muslims and which weakens the position of the Kafirs. Thus there’s the logic of the statement, the logic of denying, the logic of crying, the logic of the mocking and insult, the logic of the threat, and the logic of the measurers. As the highest form there is still the homicide argument. See Circular Argument and Fallacies.

Love: What’s that apart from license? Usually used in pejorative connotations throughout the holy Qur’an (where it is found 69 times). Love as expressed by Jesus-Christ (Greek Agape -sublimation of the ego-, as opposed to Eros or physical attractions) seems totally stranger to the Qur’an and to Mohammed centered around its third Greek meaning of Philia (brotherhood, affiliation). See Freedom.

Madrassa: Islamic school or rather indoctrination asylum for the brainwashing of children, in whom the new generation of martyrs and Jihadist is recruited. Disce Primum Quod Credendum Est (Learn first what it is to be believed) would be the madrassa logo. It is considered as good work to be able to recite the Qur’an by heart in Arabic. An understanding of the text is not necessary. –”Education is the kindle of a flame, not the filling of a vessel” Socrates. See Training.

Mahdi: Savior of the Schiite realm, which will come to finally islamize the whole world. Clearly a borrowing from the Zoroastrian Saoshyant or final Savior-Messiah appearing soon before the Final Judgment. The Islamic concepts of Heaven and of Hell are also directs borrowings from Zoroastrian backgrounds, most probably coming under the influence of a Salman the Persian, confidante and advisor to the Prophet with whom he had, according to Aischa, endless discussions.

Maluk-ul Yameen: Slaves-girls as ‘Right hand possession’, that is slaves-girls obtained from Jihad, Islamic raid, or through purchase. It is lawful to use them as sexual toys in any witch way desired. Sexual slavery is absolutely legitimate in Islam, if not one of its fundamental tenet. The actual prohibition of such slavery is definitively un-Islamic, an anomaly as it is unchangeably enchased in the Qur’an: ”All married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you. Lawful unto you are all beyond those mentioned…” (Q.4.24 -Chr.92th). Also 70.29-30 (Chr.79th). See Right hand Possession, Slavery, Woman.

Marriage: Enslavement of women to her male dominator, possessor. Early marriage also aims at reclusing women into their houses and families, preventing any personal aspiration. Arrangement between two Islamic families to the available acquisition of wives (up to four at the same time for each Muslim). Also dhimmi women can be married, however no muslimah can marry a dhimmi. See Honor Killings, Virgin and Woman.

Marriageable: All girls from 9 years old, but even earlier as promised. From the examples set by Mohammed, to be engaged at six and married at nine is an accepted norm. See same as above.

Martyr: Muslim activist, whom sacrificed himself in the fight against disbelievers to get an advantage in the afterlife. See Mujahidin and Shahid.

Mecca: The name given in the Qur’an is Bakka. No trade center or religious center by the name of Mecca was known from any external sources but nearby places such as Yathrib (Medina) and Ta’if were known. In the 6/7th century the only trading place of importance was Adulis in Ethiopa. More so, we have evidences of rather good relations between the Jews and the Arabs (then known as Hagaritoï, Magaritai, Saracens, Muhajiruns or Ishmaelites), until at least 640 when Jerusalem was taken. See Islam (historical) and Mohammed (historical).

Mercy: Favourite empty phrase during dawa – activities: “In the name of Allah the Merciful” is the beginning of each second sentence, for the way of life it has no effect though. On the contrary: Beheading, stoning and hand amputations (see hudd punishments) also for trivalities are the norm.

Miracle: For the Muslim, the Qur’an is God-given miracle to mankind. But to the Buddha: ”The greatest of all miracles is education.” Islam settled this by transforming ‘education’ into madrassas’ brainwashed kids repeating the Quran like living-machine. See Supersitions

Mischief (Arabic al-Fasad): Being led astry from Islam by any mean: disobedience, disbelief, polytheism, etc. See Qur’an 11.116 -Chr.52th. Its punishment is provided in 5.33 -Chr.112th (crucifixion, cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land). See Corruption and Fitnah.

Moderate Muslim: Also known as not-so-good Muslims, rejected and duly persecuted by true Islamic devouts. Yet, especially in the West, their mischief is tolerated for deceptive purpose, as a phase in the propagation of Islam. But they should know that: –”There is no such thing as “moderate” Muslim. They are either believers or not believers. If they do not believe in Jihad, in violence, waging war in Dar al Harb then they are not Muslims. Do not let Islam deceive you just because it wears the mask of religion.” (Ali Sina). See Hypocrites, Muslims (western version), Mutazilites, Sufis and Terrorism.

Mohammed (Muhammad, meaning ”The Praised One”, formerly Kotham Halabi ibn Abdullah 570?-632?). Perfect model, the seal of prophethood, for all Muslims within areas which has to be followed, although he was characterised as murderer, child violator and a cheater by breach of contract. In addition, as an illiterate he achieved miracles, like splitting the moon by means of an axe. –”Muhammad set the example and broke all rules. He reneged his treaties. He invaded caravans during the sacred months when fighting was taboo. He eliminated his critics by assassinating them. He raided villages without warning. He raped captured married women. He mutilated the corpses of his enemies “to delight the hearts of the believers”. He beheaded his opponents to strike fear. You can’t expect Muslims to observe rules that their prophet did not observe” (Ali Sina). We should notice how the very name of Mohammed, as The Praised One, is sacrilegious by allowing a partner to Allah. See Ahmed, Paranoia, Prophet, Shirk and Superstition.

Mohammed (historical): Nothing is ascertained about the historical Mohammed, who looks more like the built-up of professional story-tellers (à la Robin Hood) than factual reality. –”The Prophet Muhammad died in 632 C.E. The earliest material on his life that we possess was written by Ibn Ishaq in 750 C.E., in other words, a hundred twenty years after Muhammad’s death. The question of authenticity becomes even more critical, because the original form of Ibn Ishaq’s work is lost and is only available in parts in a later recension by Ibn Hisham who died in 834 C.E., two hundred years after the death of the Prophet. (…) The Muslim sources are too late, and unreliable, and there are no cogent external grounds for accepting the Islamic tradition” (Ibn Warraq, Origins of the Koran). The very name of Mohammed is only written four times in the whole Qur’an! Can we image the Pentateuch with Moses’ name written only 4 times, or a New Testament with only four mentions of Jesus’ name? See Circular Argument, Fallacies, Islam (historical), Hadiths, Mecca and Qur’an.

Mohammed (mental health): In the ”Sirât Rasûl Allâh” (”Life of Muhammad” trans. by A. Guillaume) we learn that Mohammed himself was convinced of being ”possessed by evils” and that, not to become the ”village’s idiot”, he wanted to throw himself down a mountain (p.106/153): ”Woe is me poet or possessed?”. The Meccans also thought that Mohammed suffered from some mental illness or ghost-possession. They call him ”web of dreams”, ”fanciful poet”, ”enchanted”: Qu.21.5 (Chr.21th); 36.69 (Chr.41th) or 52.30 (Chr.76th). He never was confirmed in his prophethood but through a sensual ‘test’ arranged by his wife Khadija (to avoid a widow’s burden) who concluded about the entity visiting his husband: ”O son of my uncle, rejoice and be of good heart, by God he is an angel and not a Satan.” (106/153; 107/154; 111/155). In 1993, Dr Herman H. Somers (an authority in Psychology) published a well documented diagnosis over Mohammed: the self-called ‘Prophet’ suffered from classical Paranoia Delusion with recurring, pervasive, sensorial hallucinations (Een Andere Mohammed, A Different Mohammed; Hadewych, Antwerp 1993). See Narcissism, Paranoia and Prophet.

Mohammedans: Reviling western expression for Muslims but commonly used to designate the followers of Prophet Mohammed, like Christians refer us to the followers of Jesus-Christ. Though Muslims despise to be labelled as Mohammedans, as they would like to avoid ascribing Mohammed as a partner to Allah, plain facts are heavily indicating just that. Beginning with their Shahadah and the very name of Mohammed as meaning ‘The Praised One’. See Ahmad and Shirk.

Mohammedanism: Derogatory for “Islam”, say Muslims, but even Islam is quite recent as it was called before Imaam (The Belief)! Even Winston Churchill didn’t use it: –”How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.” (The River War, 1st edition, 1899).

Morality: To beat your wife and kill infidels is highly moral in Islam but not to urinate holding your penis with the right hand nor to defecate while facing Mecca. To make friends among the disbelievers is highly immoral for Muslims, but not to terrorise or behead them for educational TV show. See Cultic Mentality, Fairness, Fideism, Goodness and Theo van Gogh.

Morning gift: Dowry given to the bride when marrying from the husband. Not to confound with the bride price. Sometimes also the promise of such is enough. Voided if the hymen is not intact. In case she divorce, she must give back this ‘gift’ while no longer a virgin. See Bride Price, Honor killing, Marriageable, Slavery and Woman.

Mosque: Oversized buildings of splendour which are used, beside indoctrination and recruiting of Jihad fighters, for the trade of falsified passports and weapons. At times also for praying. Usually problem-free attached by various shops, mail box firms, Islamic associations and madrassas. Riots often start from there. ”Only terrorists go to mosque” (Tatar’s saying, though themselves nominally Muslims). See Azzan, Friday Prayers, Imam and Islam.

Muezzin: In former times helper of the Imam, called to the prayer. Nowadays replaced by loudspeakers and endless/non-ending cassettes.

Mujahidin: Arabic for the sissie corruption that Muslim became: killer (warrior, fighter, enforcer) for the cause of Allah. A Mujahidin Ghazi is someone who has taken part in an armed struggle for the way of Allah and has survived the battle. We have no testimony of such a name (or Muslim for that matter) before at least 705, at which date Jacob of Edessa still calls them Hagarites (from Hagar). Better known in history as Saracens. See Shahid.

Multiculturalism: As known in the West, this is totally stranger to the Arabic hegemonical imperialism known to us as Islam. However, they do fully exercise it with the God-willing duty to end it. So far, the West haven’t seen the trick by which their tolerance is being infiltrated by Islamic duplicity. See Kitman, Moderate & Muslims (western version), Political Correctness, Taqiyya and Useful idiot.

Mushrikun: idolators, polytheists, comprehensive term for all disbelievers, which does not have dhimmi status, stand on the stage of animals and can be slaughtered at will, unpunished.

Music: One of the many ways by which Shaytan creates mischief. See Fitnah, Mischief and Shaytan.

Muslim: Until the late 1980s, the term Moslem was commonly used. However, translated, Moslem is the Arabic word for “one who is evil and unjust.”- thus the word is now most commonly written “Muslim”. One of the verses in the Qur’an makes a distinction between a mu’min, a believer, and a Muslim: The Arabs of the desert say, “We believe.” (tu/minu) Say thou: Ye believe not; but rather say, “We profess Islam;” (aslamna) for the faith (al-imanu) hath not yet found its way into your hearts. But if ye obey Allah and His Apostle, he will not allow you to lose any of your actions: for Allah is Indulgent, Merciful Q. 49:14 -Chr.106th). According to the Western academician Carl Ernst, contemporary usage of the terms “Islam” and “Muslim” for the faith and its adherents is a modern innovation: –”The Arabic term Islam itself was of relatively minor importance in classical theologies based on the Qur’an. If one looks at the works of theologians such as the famous al-Ghazali (d. 1111), the key term of religious identity is not Islam but iman(faith), and the one who possesses it is the mu’min (believer).. See Apostasy, Bid’ah, Fard, Fiqh, Islam (2), Mohammed, Paranoia, Quran, Sharia, Semitic Religion, Tafsirs.

Muslimahs: Islamic women as part of the Ummah. The Quran makes them ‘deficient in intelligence’. See Hijab, Honor killing, Marriageable, Pubic Hair, Slavery, Tchador, Ummah, Veil and Woman.

Muslims (western version): They are either trying to fool infidels or to create a new brand of ‘romantic’ Islam a la Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam). –”You cannot judge Islam on the barbaric behavior of Muslims over the last 1400 years. Not on all the raping, looting, slaughtering and cruelty! Islam has absolutely nothing to do with Muslims! Therefore, Islam can’t be blamed for what Muslims do, and Muslims can’t be blamed for what outrageous things Islam tells them to do” (Human Decency at FFI). The ‘romantic’ Islam has always been crushed, like the Sufis and Mutazilites of old. See those words, Bid’ah, Innovation, Hadiths and Hypocrites.

Muta: Time marriage, often a one-night stand, closed by an Imam against a fee. In practice it is the Islamic form of institutionalized prostitution. See Marriage, Marriageable and Virgin.

Mutazilites: Heretical sect in early Islam first propounded by Wasil ibn Ata (d.745), according to which reason and rationality must overcome blind fideist beliefs, the divine unity being only understandable as without finite or anthropomorphic attributes. Adopted by caliph Mamun (814-833), then reversed by caliph al-Mutawakil, from 847 on, under the growing influence of the Turkish Seljukides. See Fideism, Hanif, Islam (historical) and Sufis.

Najis: Impure, filthy, utterly repulsive. The following things are such impurety in the opinion of Ayatollah Sistani: Urine, excrement, semen, corpses, blood, dogs, pigs, alcoholic beverages and all Kafirs (disbelievers). Women hardly escape being najis: any muslim having to clean himself after touching them. See Believers, Disbelievers, Kafir and Kufr and Mushrikun.

Narcissism (pathological): Self-centered egoistic pathology suffered by Mohammed and so projected on his followers. This pathology interdicts any form of empathy. The psychological topo made at the Nuremberg Trial has showed a collective significant lack of empathy in all declared Nazis’ war criminals. Narcissists thrive for constant supply of admiration to compensate their lack of self-esteem.

Narcissist offense: On the conviction of their own superiority and on the basis of this offense, Islamic conspiracy theories (see there) formed for Narcissus tables, with whose assistance Muslims try to explain that they were only subject due to a malicious fraud of the West. See Offense, Offensive, Oppression, Martyr, Paranoia and Victim.

Offense: Anything perceived by Muslims as degrading Islam, Mohammed, Muslims or the Quran, for example the Danish cartoons. Offenses can be repented often only by the death of the offender, like in the case of the Satanic Verses publishers or Theo van Gogh. But disbelievers and their scriptures cannot be offended, as they are insulting Allah’s intelligence.

Offensing: Most anything not conforming to Islamic (double) standards. Things like freedom of speech, or the cartoons portraying Muhammad, are absolutly offensive to Muslims’ ’sensibilities’. Crucifix, bikinis, shorts of all kinds, should be harshly punished but are ‘tolerated’ until rectification is made possible. In short, to simple fact of being different is very offensing to the pious Muslims. See Paranoia and Tolerance.

One (God): Faulty assumption defining God’s ubiquity as an unity found in all three main variant of monotheisms. It is faulty because this unity is always portrayed in dualistic reality: Us against Them. If truly God could be related to ‘One’ than the following question is: Which One? This is an endogamous extrapolation to sustain the chosen ONES: ”Out of the One tribe of God, there is no salvation.” This tribal notion of a One God is forever at stake with the concept of a Universal, all-encompassing omnipresent God. Read Luke 6.32-44; See Fideism, Semitic Religions and Tawhid.

Oppression: Term by which Muslims define anything set against the principles of Islam, like disbelief. –”You become an oppressor the moment you say I don’t want to be a Muslim and thus subject to just punishment, death mainly” and: –”Muslims are not satisfied; in fact they feel “oppressed” until they subjugate or kill you, until you submit to them feeling subdued and humiliated” (Ali Sina, Q. 9:29 -Chr.113th). See Aggression, Attack, Discrimination, Fitna, Freedom (2), Innocent and Paranoia.

Paedophilia (pedophilia): Highly controversial subject for Muslims. Confronted to the fact that their Prophet deflowered Aisha when she was 9 years old, Muslims will do all kinds of mental gymnastic to absolve the Prophet of being a pedophile. Hard facts are worsts: Ibn Ishaq.311 tell us that Mohammed was even attracted to a ”crawling baby” (Ummu’l). Umar, one of the ‘Righteous Caliphs’ (first four of them), even married a five years old kid, Umme Kulthum. From these ‘holy examples’, which cannot be done away with, Islamic tradition has no minimum age to be married. See Pederasty.

Palestinian: Artificial people created by Arabic nations ever since 1948. There never has been, historically, a Palestinian nation and the land was utterly desolate. Parked in refugees camps mainly to constitute a ‘terrorist army’ made of ‘cheap martyrs’ as we would say of ‘cheap labors’. –”Since 1948 Arab leaders have approached the Palestine problem in an irresponsible manner. They have used the Palestine people for selfish political purposes. This is ridiculous and, I could say, even criminal.” King Hussein of Jordan, 1960. See Ref. Sullivan-County and Zionist.

Parallel society: Islamophobic combat term. In Islam there are no parallel societies, since all Muslims and non-Muslims have to depend on the requirements set by Allah through the Sharia.

Paranoia: Islamic traditional, legitimate, encouraged and legalised form of responding to offense. The ‘Persecution Complex’ is a symptom of paranoia in psychiatry, but also of pathological narcissism. See Cultic Mentality, Islamic Conspiracy Theories, Mohammed (mental health), Narcissism and Victim.

Peace: Submission to Allah is the only peace recognized in Islam. Anything else is worthy of justified retaliation. –”When Muslims say peace, they mean non-Muslims should be subdued and humiliated to the extent that they have no strength to rebel. Peace, according to Islam, is therefore achieved through subjugation” (Ali Sina). Many Islamic flags show weapons. See Dar-al Islam and Dar-al Harb.

Pederasty: OK since all 9 years old girls are marriageable from the example set by the Prophet himself. –”Islam did not make child marriages illegal nor having sex with minors. On the other hand the Prophet of islam married a minor. Moreover the Quran allows sex with wives and right hand possessed and states no age at which one should have sex with one’s wife. Most muslims do not know anything about formation of Islamic shariah that is why they ask for proof of legality of things rather than illegality of things”’ (Mughal at FFI). Pederasty is deeply entrenched in Bedouin’s traditions.

People of the Book: Jews and Christians to be subjected to the Jizyah. Once so subjected and humiliated for keeping their beliefs, they become dhimmies. –”When Muslims say Islam accepts Christianity and Judaism, they mean only the versions that were invented by Muhammad. All the Christians and the Jews who do not submit to Islam and want to interpret their religion in their own way are disbelievers and should be killed” (Ali Sina). See Christian, Dhimmi, Jews and Jizyah.

Piety: Does not mean at all what piety means for westerners. –” A pious Muslim is not necessarily a good person by our definition. A pious Muslim is one who follows Muhammad, he could be a terrorist, a child molester, a wife beater or a liar. As long as he lies to or kills non-believers, he is very pious” (Ali Sina). See Cultic Mentality, Fideism, Golden Rule and Semitic Religions.

Pigs: Ancestors of the Jews, considered as impure and may not be eaten, just like in Judaism! Read Q. 7.166 (Chr.39th); 2.65 (Chr.87th); 5.60 (Chr.112th). See: Dhimmi, Najis, People of the Book, Zionist.

Political correctness: First coined in commie Russia as an ‘a priori’ censorship of genuine ideological diversity. Mandatory dishonesty hiding factual informations when contrary to the line hold by a party.

Polygamy: Islam condones polygamy, setting at four the number of wives permitted though the Prophet had much more than that himself. Western laws against polygamy are not to be respected or to be contourned. One can imagine how much jealousy is widespread in such marriages, and how the favorite of the moment will bring down the others to painfull situations, not to mention the helpless children. Such problems happened in Mohammed’s harem as Aischa’s group opposed the other ones.

Pornography: Means ”of the West” to dishonour Muslims who, on the other hand, will disavow polygamy as being a form of pornography.

Prophet: Person having a personal red telephone line with God and as such feel entrusted to dictates mankind, generally with apocalyptic prophecies. Hundreds of prophets were jailed in Jerusalem in the eve of year 2000, as they loudly disturbed the public peace. Muslims hold that hundreds of Islamic prophets, including Jesus, came to spread Islam until Muhammad sealed all prophethood, by being the last perfected prophet. See Mohammed (mental health), Paranoia, Semitic Religions and Superstition.

Pubic hair: The female hair of the head. All Muslimahs are thus required to wear at the very least a scarf (Hijab) to cover their head ‘pubic’ hair. Anything less defines women as whores inciting lust. See Tchador, Slavery, Veil and Woman.

Punishment: Public hand amputations, flogging, stonings or decapitations with a fair/fairy character. See Sharia and Hudd.

Purity: Only Muslims are pure (pak), all infidels are najis (impure, filthy, utterly repulsive). Then again, Arabs are purers than any other Muslims and, among them, the Wahhabes are more pure than the other Arabs which they formally despise, and so on. See Najis.

Qur’an (also Koran, Quran, Coran): Holy book of the Muslims revealed by Allah to Mohammed through Jibril (Gabriel). For Muslims it was written in Heaven by none other than Allah (dictating a self writing pen) in perfect Arabic, from immemorial time. The Qur’an is a manual of proselyting Islam through all means, as the end (belief in Allah) justifies anything. Earliest manuscripts (3) of the Qur’an are dated 790AD, which is more than a hundred and fifty years after the death of Mohammed, coinciding with the oldest Hadiths (Ibn Hisham, d.833) we have. See both Arabic, Islam (history) and Hadiths.

Qur’an (order of the chapters): The chapters in the Qur’an actually aren’t chronological at all. They are presented in order of lenght, which makes the reading totally jumpy, messy and disparate, not understandable in a linear reading. Maybe intended so in order to hide infidel scholars about the abrogations. Recently some chronological Qur’an appeared on Internet, based on the follow-up of the revelations brought to Mohammed, most of them from a retracable historic context.

Qur’an (origin of the name): Muslims are left in quandary when they learn that the very name of Quran is not Arabic at all but rather from the Syriac root Qeryänä (qryn) meaning ‘to recite’ (something religious, a litany). Exactly 275 foreign words are found in the Qur’an, so long for its ‘perfect’ Arabic! Another one being Ibrahim (Abraham), of Assyrian origin, while the correct Arabic would have been Abu Raheem. Respecting the original Syriac root, the name should be written: QurŸan.

Qur’an (perfect Arabic): In its primitive (authentic) form, the book was only made of consonants, without punctuations or the diacritical marks (dots) needed to ascertain the sense of almost every word. The dots did affect 22 of the 28 Arabic consonants. Those dots were added by al-Duali (d.688), Nasr ibn Casim (d.707) and Yahya ibn Yacmur (d.746). Vowels were later invented by al-Khalil ibn Ahmad (d.786). It also contains many grammatical errors, 275 foreign words (Persians, Syriacs, Ethiopians, etc). Many verses came out from apocryph Jewish and Christian books. In short it wasn’t the work of an all-knowing God nor of a single person. See Arabic and Arabic (scripts).

Rabb: Used for ‘Lord’ throughout the Qur’an. In 9.31 -Chr.113th Mohammed taxed the Jews of deifying their priests by calling them rabbis, ignoring that the Aramaic root of this word first designated army officers, commanders, then further extanded to mean leaders among men.

Racism: Comprehensive term for all activities directed against Islam. Muslims themselves are in not way racists since they represent the only divine race recognized by Allah, the all-Knowing. In Abrahamic monotheist religions, born from Semitic tribal endogamy, religious apartheid and sanctified racism (read blessing of genocides) are the norm. See Semitic Religions.

Ramadan: Fasting month, 9th in their lunar calendar, in which all Muslims are held to fast (see: fasting). In Islamic countries during the day all restaurants are also closed for non-Muslims. Since the Islamic calendar is lunar, with no intercalated days to fill the gap with sideral time, the dating of the Ramadan is highly controversial and changes considerably as time goes on.

Reason: Anything in conformity with Islam. Everything else being without question unreasonable. See Fideism, Logic and Semitic Religion.

Religion: From the latin ‘religare’: to bind. Name given to different set of superstitions, idolatries and fetishes labelled as belief systems. It’s hard to differenciate them from cults and sects, except by the sheer number of their followers. –”Religion is the art of turning unanswerable questions into unquestionable answers” (unknown). See Cultic Mentality, Semitic Religions and Superstition.

Respect: What is objectively due to Muslims without any given reciprocal. Subjecting others under their own spell is respecting their God-given task, which each Muslim can call in personally for itself. On the other hand, not giving due respect leads to justified violent actions up to Jihad. Already Mohammed as a model of all Muslims imposed ‘respect’ by ways of war-crimes against peaceful neighboring nations, through force and blood shedding. Respect towards Muslims is thus mandatory for all unbelievers, otherwise ‘justified’ disrespect and retaliations must follow. See Golden Rule.

Responsability: An all-knowing, omniscient, omnipotent God and free will are mutually exclusive. Inch Allah. That’s why the Muslim world is stagnant, miserable and fatalist. It’s always the responsability of others: Allah for the good things and the unbelievers or Shaytan for the bad things happening. Anything to avoid having to say : I AM RESPONSABLE! A narcissistic infantilisant Peter Pan Syndrom. Kneeling never been the best way to go forward… See Bad, Evolution, Fideism and Narcissism.

Right Hand possession (Maluk-ul yameen, see it): Mentioned many times in the Qur’an as the ‘rightful’ possession of booty coming from any Jihad, including slaves to be disposed of at will. See Jihad and Slavery.

Righteousness: Following the Way of Allah. –”A Muslim can be a killer and murder the non-Muslims and yet be a righteous person. Good actions are secondary; belief in Allah is the ultimate purpose of a person’s life. The whole message of Islam is not: to do good, be kind, loving and honest, but to “believe” (Ali Sina). See Fairness, Good, Goodness and Kindness.

Rights: Humans have no rights except to worship Allah. Only He has rights, people don’t. Period. Otherwise, the deceptive talking of kafirs/infidels. The only right given to infidels is that of paying the Jizyah, under the humiliating conditions set by Islamic rules. Idolators (mushrikin) should be plainly killed, except those with Hanif status. See Dhimmi, Hanif, Kafir, Jizyah, People of the book.

Sariya: Said of the battles in Mohammed’s time in which the Prophet himself did not take part. A battle in which he took part is called Ghazwa, and there were 79 of them. See Ghazwa.

Satire: In any case it’s God forbidden! To be silenced along with cartoonists and freethinkers. See Cartoons, Agnostics and Freedom.

Semitic religions: Also called Abrahamic. This, in my mind, is a vast topic complicated by the fact that Christianity is both partly Semitic (when it relies on the OT) and partly Indo-Aryan (when relying strictly on the NT). Here ”Before Abraham was, I am” means a lot. For concision sake the Semitic religions are imperialists, fascistics, holy racists, patriarcals and genocidals, based on the assumption that everything belongs to God, thus everyone. They tend to crush individuality, led solely by justification through faith alone devices superseding and hijacking the concept of good deeds. Semitic religions rely on the belief of adherents to be the holy Chosen Ones, ever at strive with all others. So far, they’ve been like a curse on humanity through their beliefs in an anthropomorphic, sectarian, endogamous, jealous, paranoid, infantilisant God-is-on-my-side. See Cultic Mentality, Fideism, Golden Rule, Prophet and Zionist.

Shahadah: La Ilaha illa ‘Ilahu: Muhammadan Rasal’u Ilah (there is no deity but Allah and Mohammed is His messenger). Islamic profession of faith, a question of life and death when asked to profess it (dawa). Found separately in the Quran, the first part in 47.21 (-95th) and the second in 48.2 (-111th).–”Shahada means you must accept Islam or die. This, to Muslims, is proof. Muslims don’t think there is any need for logical argumentation as in their view the claim of Muhammad is self evident and those who do not see it are deaf, dumb and blind or arrogant” (Ali Sina). The Shahadah ascribes Mohammed as a partner to Allah which is shirk, the greatest sin in Islam carrying a death sentence. See Faith (declaration), idolatry, Mohammed, One (God), Shirk and Tawhid .

Shahid (Shaheed, Arabic for martyr): Each and every dead good Muslim who died in a Jihad against the disbelievers, and also is a Shahid one who dies of cirrhosis or whatever Arafat had at the end. Besides titles for terror godfathers, who by security forces (crusaders) were eliminated, and for suicide assassins, who killed as much as possible disbelieving civilians (men, women, children doesn’t matter). Shahids are teleported, says the Quran, directly into Paradise (without waiting for the Judgment Day) and provided with 72 eternal youthful raisins, I mean virgins, rivers of milk, wine and honey as Allah’s compliment in His brothel-like luxurious prodigal resort.

Shame: Everything except face and hands, with men the lumbar region. The whole women’s body is shameful, thus the Islamic obligation to cover women completely. See Woman.

Sharia (or Shariah): Archaic religious juridical system, which regulates the entire social life of Muslims and non-Muslims under Islamic dominance. Believed by Muslims to be God-given, thus immuable. A country which isn’t ruled by the Sharia is not considered pacified, as in the Islamic notion of peace. See Alcohol, Bid’ah, Fard, Fiqh, Hadith, Hudd, Innovation and Tafsir.

Shaytan (also Shaitan, Iblis): Muslim expression for the big Satan, which causes God-obliging/pleasing Muslims the not-Islamic ”western” way of life. Large Shaytan: The USA, or small Shaytan: Israel. Strangely enough, Shaytan was punished for refusing to ascribed a partner to Allah by bowing to the person of Adam. See Islam (conspiracy theories), Shirk and Superstitions.

Shiite: The only true Muslims according to themselves. A huge majority in Iran and important minorities in Iraq and Pakistan.

Shirk: Islamic mortal sin, death-worthy crime, consisting in ascribing any partner to Allah, but even atheism is shirk. Likewise, all Christians (especially Trinitarians and the worship of Mary) are guilty of shirk as they believe a man, Jesus, to be divine and as such must be considered as idolators. It is noteworthy to mention that the quranic Christian Trinity includes Mary, instead of the Holy Spirit. In the Islamic Shahadah and in Q.48.8-9 (Chr.111th), Muhammad himself is ascribed as such a partner; yet Shaytan was thrown out of paradise for refusing to bow to Adam, which would have given Adam as a partner to Allah. Amen.

Shocking: For a Muslim, shocking is anything aside and leading astray from Islam. In fact, the whole Western civilisation is deeply shocking Muslims’ sensibilities and in all decency, according to them, we should avoid walking our dogs around, holding our own religious celebrations, profiling unveiled women, having a drink or two and so forth. In short, converting to Islam would save a lot of troubles on both sides, so they say.

Slavery: Islam is truly centered around slavery: from the ’slaves of Allah’, totally submissives to His edicts, up to the women’s condition. It is lip service to say that slavery is abolished in Islamic countries. Very odd and amazing but un-Islamic concession to modernity. –”Slavery in Islam is legal, having sex with children is legal by way of marriage or slavery. It is not possible for a Muslim to prove otherwise. It is a false argument even by Islamic standard to ask someone for proof of legality of something because proof is only needed for illegality of something” (Mughal at FFI). Slavery is acknowledged by so many quranic verses than its abolition in Islamic countries (only in 1969 in Saudi Arabia) is an oddity. See Right Hand possession, Submission and Woman.

Sodomy (in Islam): Homosexual activities, of all kinds, are considered as death-worthy crime in Islam. Not to be confounded with bestiality, which usually designates sexual intercourse with animals. This is lightly permitted, especially frequent with goats, thus the clownish jeering about goat’s lovers.

Study: Basically the recitation of the Qur’an, in classical Arabic, as the only true Islamic recognized knowledge, even if the reciters do not understand a word of Arabic. Besides, Islam sciences study prefers medicine (gynecology!) and mechanical engineering (weapon technology). Often a study serves abroad as legal camouflage for future martyrs. Most of the Muslims involved in the 9/11 drama were university graduates.

Submission: The proper meaning behind the word ”Islam”. Submitting in Islam is simply everything: Disbelievers subjected to Muslims, the Muslimahs subjected to their man; Muslims submitted to Allah; Allah submitting to Mohammad’s lust for women and power, himself completing this vicious circle by submitting infidels. Giddy roundabout where losing your sense of orientation (if not your very head) is guaranteed. Also the title of a movie made by Theo van Gogh, from a script by Hirshi Ayaan Ali, for which he was killed. See Islam, Muslim, Slavery and Theo van Gogh.

Sufis: Islamic oldest ‘New-Age’ movement (along with Mutazilites) trying to spiritualized Islam. Born from mixing with Buddhist philosophy and teachings. They were utterly persecuted like Mansûr al-Hallag, tortured to death in 922. History shows that all reforms within Mohammedanism end up in more blood baths. How Wahhabism spreaded, what happened recently in Iran, are more proves of the crushing nature of real Islam. The Pakistanis’ Baih’a faith is under this sinister yoke right now. See Hanif and Mutazilites.

Suicidal assassin: In a Muslim perspective they are saints and martyrs, admitted in Allah’s paradise without having to wait for the Resurrection day and its much feared judgment. Thus Muslims are eager to kill themselves along with as many infidels as possible. Read Q.9.111 (Chr.113th) quoted in the Abrogation topic. See Martyr, Mujahidin, Palestinian and Shahid.

Sultan: In Q.69.29 (Chr.78th) it means authority. The Ottomans made it a supreme ruling title.

Sunnah: Literally means “trodden path” and therefore “the way of the prophet”. Terminologically, the word ‘Sunnah’ in Sunni Islam means those religious actions that were instituted by Muhammad during his ministry. It is the second source of all Islamic laws, right after the Qur’an. Many ‘New Age’ Muslims hold that the hadiths aren’t legitimated to rule based on Q.42.48 (Chr.62-th), 69.44-46 (78th), 13.40 (96th) and 5.99 (112th). Traditionalists answer with Q.2.151 (87th), 33.21 (90th) and 4.125 (92th). See Hadith, Hypocrites, Moderate (Muslims).

Sunnites: Strict followers of the sunnahs and Qur’an. Considered themselves as the only true Muslims. The fundamentalists Wahhabes and Talibans are strict Sunnites. See Cultic Mentality and Fideism.

Superstition: Irrational formalist beliefs, like divine occult powers shaping events and explaining things, which often in religions are related to miracles. Anything acting on humans hold to be of supernatural or satanic origins. –”Fables should be taught as fables, myths as myths and miracles as poetic fancies. To teach superstitions as truth is simply horrifying. The mind of a child accepts them and only through great pain, perhaps tragedy, can the child be relieved of them” (Hypatia of Alexandria d.415). As the saying goes: to be superstitious brings bad luck!

Tafsirs: Traditional explanations or commentaries on the Qur’an, Hadiths and all other Islamic regulations. Much like the Jewish talmudic tradition, the Tafsirs can and do act as somehow jurisprudence in many litigious concerns. See Fard, Fiqh, Hadiths and Sunnah.

Taqiyya (taqqiya): Dissimulation as sanctified hypocrisy. It is considered a part of Islamic strategy to lie and deceive unbelievers by any means. Thus exercising taqqiyah is very pious behavior. Veiling the truth: Adjustment, deception up to the open lie. –“Taqqiya is attached, if it is helpful to the well-being of the religion -Islam-” (Khomeini). Yassir Arafat could, with remarquable impunity, refer to the Treaty of al-Hudaibiyya in speeches to fellow Muslims. He was fortunate: no Westerners, or even Israelis, seemed to think that the significance of that repeated allusion to Muhammad’s treaty with the Meccans in 628 A.D. needed to be examined. See also: Hudna and Kitman.

Twahid (twaheed, tauheed): The unshattered unity of Allah as the One and only God to be worship, central in Islam. The opposite of tawhid is shirk, dividing by ascribing any partner to Allah (al-Wahid: The One), perceived as idolatry. See idolatry, Islam, Mohammed, One (God) and Shirk.

Tchador (also niqah): black tent-like complete body garb with observation slits. Contrary to the Burqa it leaves the seeing open. It is thus less Islamic. –”If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside, and the cats come to eat it, whose fault is it? The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occured” (Sheikh Hilali, Australia 2006). See Burqa, Hijab, Muslimah, Pubic Hair, Slavery, Veil and Woman.

Terror: For a Muslim, whatever leads to hell; whatever leads to Paradise, like killing critics, infidels and apostates aren’t terror but the God-given duty of all practising devout Muslims. The propension to restrain full Islamic practice is very offensive to the sharpen-as-a-sword Islamic sensibilities. See Criticism, Disbelief, Fairness, Good, Goodness and Righteousness.

Terrorism: Islamic freedom of expression as the God-given right to proselyte ‘the one true faith’. From an Islamic romantic (à la Cat Stevens): –”These words -Islamic terrorism- can not sit side by side. The phrase creates a culture where terrorism actually is identified with Islam. That causes me a lot of stress.” Omar Faruk, advisor to the British government, as told to Reuters.

Theo van Gogh (1957-2004): Great grandson of Vincent van Gogh, killed by Mohammed Bouyeri in a true Islamic ritualistic killing. Most perfect example of the Islamic cultic mentality when dealing with infidels. His fate is that reserved to all critics of Islam in a perfected Islamic ‘paradise’. In the trial, his killer said to Theo’s mother: “I don’t feel your pain, because I was driven by my religious conviction. If I were released and would have the chance to do it again…I would do exactly the same thing. I have to admit I don’t have sympathy for you. I can’t feel for you because I think you are a non-believer.” This shows exactly the Islamic mindset, with its total lack of empathy. See Criticism, Cultic Mentality, Halal (slaughter), Righteousness and Rights.

Tolerance: Anything granted to the dhimmies under Islamic rule. For this tolerance, they do have to be duly humiliated by the Jizhya. ”The religion of Islam is one of tolerance, therefore, if he recants his Christian faith, he will not be executed.” Ansarullah Mawlazezadah, Trial judge in the case of Abdul Rahman, an Afghani former medical aid worker and Christian convert from Islam.. See Dhimmi, Peace.

Thoughtcrime (crime without victim): The criminalization of people holding divergent opinions. In Islam this is equivalent of High Treason, as for apostates and anyone rejecting the faith. See Cultic Mentality, Fideism, Political Correctness and Semitic religion.

Training (to learn a profession): Becoming acquainted with some Hadiths and Fatwas, learning the Qur’an in Arabic by heart. Muslims are trained to repeat, not to think individualy but as part of the Ummah. Thinking, in matter of religion, is what their imams do for them. This is part of the ”inner” Jihad. See Jihad, Jihad (inner) and Madrassa.

Truth: First and foremost, whatever is enchased in the Qur’an. Then to uphold that the Prophet Mohammed is the perfect embodiement of all examples to be followed. Third, convert or perish.

Umma (Ummah): The world-wide community of all Muslims, to be expanded unto the whole world. Nothing, no lives, outside of the Ummah is worthy of consideration, except for taqqiya purpose and Jizyah (tax) collection.

Unjust: Whatever is un-Islamic. –”The unjust person is he who refuses to proclaim: -There is no God worthy of worship except Allah-” Ikrimah Qatadah. It goes without saying that justice, in an Islamic frame, is confined to what imams enjoined from the examples set by the Prophet, and that no exception to the rules of Allah should be tolerated.

Useful idiot: Said of people not conscient of being manipulated in order to agree a political agenda. Those who are convinced by the medias and other influences that Islam is indeed a ‘religion of Peace’. See Moderate Muslim, Muslims (western version), Multiculturalism and Political Correctness.

Veil: Veiled women carries out the ”flag of Islam.” Any unveiled woman is like begging to be mistreated or even raped. See Whores.

Victim: All Muslims in general. There is no such thing as an infidel being victim whatsoever, as they are culprit of disbelieving from the very first. See Islamic conspiracy Theory and Paranoia.

Virgin: Virgins and virginity are Islamic obsessions and as such un-virginal women aren’t marriageable. So the Qur’an is replete with virgins (or Houris) who will answer all Muslims’ desires (especially sexual) in the afterlife. The believed number of 72 virgins isn’t found in the Qur’an per se, but in some hadiths of Tirmzi (v2p138) and in the Tafsirs. Islamic heaven do also have young boys (Q.52.24 -Chr.76th) and since the bedouin’s tradition ever was/is pederastic, no further contextual explanations should be needed. See Honor killing, Houris, Marriage, Marriageable, Morality and Woman.

Washing: Ritual washings with water or sand as prescribed in the Fiqh. Moisten the hands, the feet and the face before praying. See Fiqh, Halal and Haram.

Witness: The witness of women and disbelieving ones count not as much as a Muslim. For certain misdemeanours it is to be shown necessarily before the Kadi a witness. For example a woman allegedly raped must produce at least four Islamic male eye-witnesses to confirm just that. If not and still uphold accusations, she will likely be accused of mischief, a death-worthy crime for the woman.

West: Usually a cardinal direction opposite to the East but, in the islamic mindset, it rather means a place of perdition where they are sent to ‘evangelized’ westerners: first through deceptions and then, when their number allows it, through the factual violence prescribed by Muhammad and the Qur’an. This comes out as curing a headache through lobotomy, the sword faster than an aspirin. See Hudna, Jihad, Kitman and Taqiyya.

Woman: Objects bought by a ‘husband’ for baring children purpose. The whole body of a woman is considered such a sexual shame to be covered enterely. Her virginity at marriage is second to none in importance throughout all Islamic traditions. Quranic verses on their slavery status are abundant. Still they belong to hell for most of them: ”A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men” Winston Churchill, The River War, original edition of 1899. See Burqa, Honor killing, Marriage, Marriageable, Morality, Muslimah, Pubic Hair, Slavery, Tchador, Veil, Virgin and Whore.

Whore: First -all and any- infidel women, then any muslimah surprised communicating with men who do not belong to the family, who do not wear a veil. See above item and Right Hand possession.

Zero(Arab sifr): Derives from the Indian Sunya meaning void, vacant or empty. Its first formulation is found in a Jain text called ‘Lokayibhaaga (458AD) and the Indian mathematician Aryabhata used it in 498AD, perfected by Brahmagupta around 628. It’s introduction in the West was made by Leonardo de Pisa (Fibonacci) in his ‘Liber Abaci’ (1202). Yet the decimal system came only in usage after 1585, through a pamphlet of Simon Stevin (La Disme). Such a sign was also present in the Maya numbering and could be as old as the archaic Olmec civilisation, which ended by the 4th century BC.

Zina: Any form of sexual dissipation. For women Zina is a death-worthy crime. A harmless discussion with a man when no relatives are around will be considered zina. See Honor killing.

Zhul-Qarnayn (Dhul-Qurnayn): Muslim’s hero named in Q.18.83-98 (Chr.69th), corresponding exactly with Alexander the Great, except that the Greek conquerer was a licentious bisexual, an idolater and polytheist, who deified himself as the son of the Egyptian god Amun. The damage control is called…

Zionist: Tsar Alexander II expressed the idea but the term was created by Nathan Birnbaum in 1890, propounding a Jewish come back and sovereignty over their ancestor’s land: Israel, which became a reality in 1948. Perceived by Arabs as an unacceptable backlash for Islam and their duty to subdue Jews among all infidels. Islamic anti-Semitism is an absurdity since they share the very same Semitic culture, through Aramaic influences. An endless war between Ishmael and Isaac over the real proginy of Abraham, which very existence is in total limbo! –”The war with Israel does not depend on cease-fires… It is a Jihad for God’s sake and will last until (the) religion prevails…from Spain to Iraq. We will attack everywhere” (Ayman al-Zawahri). See Abrahamic Religions, Cultic Mentality, Dhimmi, Jew, Kafir, One (God), Palestinian, People of the Book, Prophet, Racism and Semitic Religions.
Well, this whole Lexicon deals with the matter…


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  1. […] There is a lot of ambiguity with the understanding of Islamic words and their interpretation and this causes much confusion, so let =us have a look at it.The Star and Crescent of Islam “Khalif (or Caliph): Khalifatu Rasul’il-lah, successor to the Messenger of God, deputy of the Prophet. Only legitimate ruler in any country ruled by Islam. But to Sunnis he must be from the Quraysh tribe like Muhammed, while for the Shias he has to belong to the Prophet’s family.[A Caliph must be a successor to Prophet Muhammad. Either (1) from the Quraysh tribe or (2) belonging to the Phrophet’s family. No others have been mentioned in this reference.]The Koran also states:”Muhammad is… the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets…”-Qur’an 33:40[To Sunnis and Shias, this means that Muhammad is the final and last prophet of Allah and non shall come thereafter. All others shall be false phophets.] Khalifat (Caliphate): Q.2.28 (Chr.87th) states that Adam was the Khalifah (vicegerent) of the Almighty, so does Q.38.25 (idem) about David. Only Islamic legitimized rule form of government. Islam is basically looking out to establish the Khalifat worldwide. ”Where two Khalifahs have been set up, put the last of them to death for it is rebellious” saying accorded to Mohammed.[The Islamic Caliphate is meant to be a world wide domain of the Caliph. Or a Universal Islamic Caliphate. And this is where the conflict of ideologies lie.]Khalifs (first caliphs): Neither Muhammad (570?-632?) nor Allah left directives for the Prophet’s temporal succession. As a consequence, it soon turned into bloody factions. Abu Bakr first replaced Muhammad but died shortly after (634). Umar (634-644) took over and started to invade neighboring countries, but was killed in Medina. Raging civil wars followed the accession of Caliph Uthman (644-656), supported by Aischa (favorite spouse of Muhammad) but contested by Ali ibn Abu Talib, cousin of the Prophet and husband of Fatima, Muhammad’s daughter, mainly over a dispute on his quranic recension and the destruction of many chapters. Ali won the first battle in 656 (said of the Camel) but lost the second in Siffin (65 to Muawiya who began the Umayyad dynasty (650-750) whose capital was in Damascus. Overthrown by Abu Abbas al-Saffah (Abbaside dynasty, 750/1258), which capital was Baghdad, constantly loosing ground to the emerging Turkish Seljukides. Lonely survivor of his family massacre, the Umayyad caliph al-Rahman escaped to Spain where his dynasty reigned until 1030, replaced by the Almoravid dynasty, itself overthrown by the Almohades by  […]

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