Muslim cleric arrested for suspected rape of teenager

Mumbai Police arrested the maulvi of a suburban mosque for allegedly raping a 19-year-old girl, on Wednesday.

The maulvi, Altaf Munshi, 47, was nabbed on Wednesday morning after the girl lodged a complaint against him late Tuesday night. Altaf is a maulvi at the Medina Mosque in Vikhroli. Deputy Commissioner of Police Datta Karale told IANS: “On Tuesday afternoon Altaf asked the girl, who stays few buildings away, to come to his house to help him with some religious ceremonies.”

Karale said when the girl went to his house, Altaf assaulted and raped her. The victim lodged a complaint with the Vihroli police, on Tuesday night. Shortly thereafter, the police arrested the maulvi.

The girl has been admitted to a hospital for medical check-up while the maulvi has been charged with rape and sexual assault.

Although the motives and justification for the sexual assault are unknown – on face value what could be learnt?

It is truly fallacious to use such an event to argue that ‘all muslim clerics are rapists’.
Similarly, to claim that because a Catholic clergymen has had paedophilia related allegations means all Catholic clergymen are paedophiles is again just as farfetched.