Message from the (new) Editor…


I have joined the Islamoscope team as editor for the blog. As you know the blogging team consists of multiple authors from all walks of life. These walks of life put cyclical demands and restrains regarding their blogging. Sometimes it is family that comes first, a thesis paper that comes first or an interfaith council meeting. I am here to pick up the slack when necessary but I promise I will never be constrained to just that.

The authors here come from many walks of life which gives the blog such diversity. Under the anonymity of Islamoscope we have prominent academics and authors voicing concernings or opinion relating to not just radical Islam, but the ideology of Islam and the politics of the Islamic world. We have a political science lecturer, an apostate with hands on Islamic experience, a PhD holding author and more!

Am I Qualified for the Job?

I hope so. I may not have a PhD but I am not unqualified. I am a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Middle Eastern studies and Politics and I hold a Diploma in Islamic Studies from an Islamic University. This gives me the advantage of learning about Islam through a secular environment as well as an Islamic environment. Specifically, this has tuned me to be able to pick up where facts turn to simply bias facts or when they drastically turn to propaganda.

Religious Views…

Unlike much of the Islamoscope team, I am a strict Theist. A Christian, to be more accurate. I hope that those critical of my views do not use me to judge all Christians. I find myself as the arbitrator between Islamic and Christian theology and am commonly in a situation to dispell myths about the other.

Because of my beliefs I may bring a less secularised view to the Islamoscope table, but isn’t that what variety is all about?

Although I am yet to hold any formal qualification in Christian Theology, it is a hobby of mine which I have invested much time in so in most situations I am qualified to discuss the ideas of Christianity. Please note, I am occasionally an apologest and myth buster.

So this is all from me for now.

Enjoy the blog!

I Apologise for the Lack of Content Updates Recently

But thankyou for bearing with us. We will be back at full strength